Sexy Tanya Burr Shows off Her Curvaceous Body at the Beach

Tanya Burr showed off at the beach in a variety of swimwear. (Photo: Instagram)

Tanya Burr recently jetted off to Miami, where she was “caught” by paparazzi at the beach.

In fact, she managed to land not one, not two, but three headlines at The Daily Mail during her short trip to Florida.

Tanya Burr.

Tanya certainly enjoyed her time in Miami. (Photo: Instagram)

Tanya is no stranger to being in the tabloids, as her team often get her placements in various British rags. In fact, she once made headlines after accidentally displaying her buttocks in a sheer black dress on a red carpet.

Tanya Burr.

Wait for me! Tanya Burr sped up the pace in a Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit. (Photo: Instagram)

One of the articles even hit 300+ comments! The most upvoted commenter praised her for “giving curvy girls confidence” and defended her against “fat shamers”. “She is NOT fat,” the commenter wrote. “She’s just curvy. There’s a difference!”

Tanya Burr.

Tanya Burr beamed while walking around in a white-and-black striped swimsuit. (Photo: Instagram)

Another popular comment said, “She’s normal. I do not know why you all are being judgmental. She doesn’t deserve you haters.”

Article Continues Below Adverts
Tanya Burr.

The next Bond girl? Tanya wore sunglasses as she frolicked in the sea. (Photo: Instagram)

Haters also descended on the articles, with one top comment accusing her company of “paying for staged photoshoots”. “How much are Gleam paying you guys to post this rubbish?” one said.

Many accused her of excessively editing her Instagram photos to look Photoshopped. “It sends a bad message,” the popular comment said.

Tanya Burr's bikini.

Tanya Burr marches out of the ocean in a black-and-white retro bikini. (Photo: Instagram)

However, Tanya probably doesn’t care what they think, and is too busy cashing checks!

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