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Singer Responds After Troye Sivan Accuses Him of STEALING Album Art

Troye Sivan called out Russian Singer Maksim Burmatov - but he fired back! (Photo: Instagram)

Russian singer Maksim Burmatov finally responded to accusations that he plagiarized Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood cover.

In case you missed it, click here to read what all the “stealing” drama was originally about.

Troye Sivan shirtless.

Troye Sivan goes shirtless for OUT Magazine. (Photo: OUT Mag)

Maksim Burmatov Responds to Accusations of Plagiarism from Troye & His Fans

Over the weekend, Troye Sivan found out that Maksim’s new album cover looked very similar to his own (Taiwanese artist Hsiao-Ron Cheng illustrated Troye’s cover).

Troye tweeted, “See you in court, sweaty!” After that, Maksim’s social media accounts were completely bombarded with “see you in court” comments by Troye fans.

Troye vs. Maxim.

Maksim’s new album cover looked suspiciously like Troye’s. (Photo: Instagram)

After all the “rip-off” drama started, Maksim mostly went very quiet on his social media accounts.

However, just a few hours ago, Maksim went on Instagram to deliver his official non-apologetic response, and posted a statement in Russian (and Google-translated English).

He hashtagged tags like #troyelookatthisplagiarism, #scandal and #seeuincourtsweaty – and was clearly loving the attention.

Maksim's Instagram.

Maksim posted an official response in Russian and English. (Photo: Instagram)

He said that his phone and social media accounts seriously blew up with tens of thousands of “hateful, boorish, aggressive comments” after his solo album The Sky Is Yours was accused of plagiarism.

He did not apologize, and branded all the attacks “absurd”. “You are trying to accuse me!”

He also said that given the nature of the story, he was only willing to divulge more information and “the real truth” in some kind of big media interview, like on television – presumably, in order to garner even more attention.

Maxim Burmatov.

Maxim Burmatov finally responded to the controversy after almost a week. (Photo: Instagram)

He also said that he was interested in reaching out to Troye’s representatives, but is the feeling mutual?

Troye fans were NOT happy with his non-apology, and flooded his Instagram yet again.

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