Aspyn Ovard & Parker Ferris Got Married Today!

Aspyn and Parker walking down the aisle. (Photo: Twitter)

Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris finally had their big wedding day in Utah!

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“I just love him. I just love him so much. I am just so grateful for him,” Aspyn said in a video.

“I am not an easy person to put up with. I am very high-maintenance a lot of the time. And I just know that I am very lucky to have found him. So, I love him so much!”

Aspyn and Parker.
Aspyn and Parker at their wedding. (Photo: Twitter)

Aspyn & Parker Officially Tie the Knot

Aspyn and Parker finally got married!

They even had some YouTuber friends like Meg DeAngelis, Meghan Rienks, Alex Aiono, Luke Korns and Mikey Murphy there for support.

Meghan Rienks and Aspyn.
Meghan Rienks with Aspyn. (Photo: Instagram)
YouTubers at Aspyn's wedding.
YouTubers at Aspyn’s wedding. (Photo: Instagram)

Luke admitted that he sneezed very loudly during the wedding vows. “Oops!” he tweeted.

Parker kisses Aspyn's shoulder.
Parker kisses Aspyn’s shoulder. (Photo: Instagram)
Aspyn hugs Parker.
Aspyn hugs Parker. (Photo: Instagram)

Mikey was excited for the catering. “I am hoping to get a good sandwich or something.”

Aspyn's flower crown.
Aspyn in her flower crown. (Photo: Snapchat)
Aspyn's ceremony.
Waiting for the bride. (Photo: Twitter)

On the other hand, it was revealed that Aspyn’s pre-wedding meal of choice was Taco Bell.

Parker and Aspyn's wedding.
Parker and Aspyn pose for their wedding photos. (Photo: Instagram)
The back of Aspyn's wedding dress.
The back of Aspyn’s wedding dress. (Photo: Instagram)

Aspyn was also surprised when she won Billboard’s 2015 Social Media Stars bracket, on her wedding day – beating out Shawn Mendes. “Best wedding present ever!” she said.

Aspyn in her flower crown.
Aspyn in her flower crown. (Photo: Tyfrench)
Aspyn and Parker in the forest.
Aspyn and Parker are that tiny dot in the middle. (Photo: Instagram)

They got photographer @tyfrench to take their official wedding photos prior to the big day.

Flower arrangements.
Aspyn and Parker get busy with the flower arrangements. (Photo: Instagram)
Aspyn Ovard's wedding dress.
Aspyn Ovard poses for some snaps in her dress. (Photo: Tyfrench)

They said they will be posting their official wedding video very soon, depending on the WiFi available during the honeymoon. Update: They posted it (above)!

Aspyn and Parker kissing.
Aspyn and Parker kiss amongst the trees. (Photo: Instagram)

The Road to the Wedding

The pair have been vlogging their pre-wedding adventures, if you want to check them out. “This week is just full of last-minute things that we are doing!” Aspyn said earlier in the week.

“I am so glad we are going to have all these videos to look back on when we are older!” she said.

They got their bridal photos taken prior to the wedding.

“We are also going to get a marriage license right now! And I forgot to wear my ring. To get a marriage license!”

Aspyn revealed that she didn’t break the bank for her wedding dress. “I was looking around for something inexpensive, and then I ended up finding one that was a good price, and that’s what I’m wearing.”

She also experimented by buying a “disastrous” budget dress from a “scammy” website. “But I ordered another one off this website. It was like this random, really sketchy, really cheap website. It was maybe like $100. It was nothing like the picture!”

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