Shane on Bethany Mota & Cameron Dallas: “They Are Way Less Relevant This Year”

Shane Dawson discusses Bethany Mota and Cameron Dallas. (Photo: Twitter)

Shane Dawson continued his crusade against the Teen Choice Awards in a pre-recorded podcast with Joey Graceffa and Daniel Christopher.

Shane also questioned the wins of Bethany Mota and Cameron Dallas. “Miranda Sings is way more relevant than Bethany Mota.”

It’s not the first time that Shane has questioned Bethany. He previously accused Bethany Mota of doing racist blackface.

Shane tried to get Joey and Daniel to join in, but Joey was reluctant to name names.

Shane Dawson Discusses the Relevance of Bethany Mota & Cameron Dallas: “Why Did He Win?”

Shane said, “Bethany won the second year in a row. She’s famous and stuff, but way less relevant than she was a year ago. ”

Shane compared Bethany’s relevance to Miranda Sings. “So the fact that she won against people way more relevant than her, that were nominated with her. That’s crazy. Like Miranda Sings is way more relevant than Bethany Mota and she didn’t win.”

Miranda Sings won a Teen Choice Award.
Miranda Sings won a Teen Choice Award. (Photo: Instagram)

Shane also commented on the relevance of Viners. “Cameron Dallas, way less relevant this year than he was last year. No shade. But why did he win versus… it’s like what?”

Cameron Dallas and Bethany Mota win at the Teen Choice Awards.
Big Winners: Cameron Dallas and Bethany Mota win at the Teen Choice Awards. (Photo: Twitter)

Daniel Christopher, who’s not a Nash Grier fan, said, “Also no shade, because he [Cameron] won Choice Viner as well. He won two awards.”

Joey Graceffa waded in, “Give it to someone else. You don’t need two surfboards.”

Shane Dawson Explains Why He “Can’t Stand” Bethany Mota’s Videos

Shane asked, “What YouTuber have you watched their videos… and could not stand them?”

He answered his own question. “I can’t with gurus. I tried to watch a Bethany Mota video another day, to see what the fuck was happening. And why she’s a thing. She’s like a big thing.”

Bethany Mota.
Bethany Mota poses with a pineapple. (Photo: Instagram)

“But no, I tried. Her intros are so f****** long. It’s like 5 minutes of her talking. Girl, shut the fuck up and get to the point. What’s the point? What’s your intro, b****?”

“The point was that she was going to show us her morning routine. I got through breakfast and I couldn’t – my breakfast was coming up.”

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“First of all, copyrighted music everywhere. It always frustrates me when a YouTuber uses copyrighted music. Because I’ve gotten sued for it. How do they get away with it?”

“Even if I like her and I follow her on Twitter, she hasn’t followed me back. Just saying. I can’t. Plus, she’s like 13, so it’s really weird for me to watch a 13-year-old’s video.”

Bethany Mota smiling.
Bethany Mota smiling. (Photo: Instagram)

Daniel wasn’t a fan of Bethany’s scripted joke at the TCAs, “Oh that little thing at the Teen Choice that she did. She was like, guys, next year we’re going to be 20. I was like, ugh. She said that? I’m like, come on.”

Shane Dawson Questions Joey Graceffa About Asking Fans to Vote at The “Rigged” TCA’s

Shane continued his rant against the Teen Choice Awards. “Teen Choice is b*******. I f****** hate them. I’ve been honest. I’ve been open. Teen Choice is b*******. My experience is terrible. I still haven’t got my surfboard. It’s been five years.”

“The votes don’t matter. They’re using you guys. This is what frustrates me the most. All YouTubers KNOW that the votes don’t matter. Because the producer picks the winner.”

Joey Graceffa shirtless.
Joey Graceffa urged his fans to vote by posting a shirtless photo. (Photo: Instagram)

Shane questioned Joey. “We all know it’s b*******. YouTubers every year, even knowing this, still promote it. Why do you want them to vote for you when you know it’s not doing anything?”

Joey defended himself. “Um, what I thought… there were a few ways of voting. If the producers see that there are a lot of votes for that person. They might change their mind about who they’re going to pick.”

Daniel and Joey having outdoor fun.
Daniel and Joey having outdoor fun. (Photo: Instagram)

Daniel said, “There was a glimmer of hope in his eyes.”

Shane encouraged fans to send him cash instead of voting. “Even if Joey says to vote, don’t vote. Give us money. That would be great. They hate me. Fuck them. I’ll never go. I’ll never host. B****, I will never vote, I will never do anything. First of all, nobody cares. Fuck Teen Choice.”

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