Bieber Who? Sofia Richie & Cameron Dallas Get Cozy in Milan

Has broken-hearted Sofia Richie set her sights on Cameron Dallas? (Photo: Instagram)

It looks like Sofia Richie and Cameron Dallas are really hitting it off in Milan this week.

The pair were flown to Italy by Dolce & Gabbana for their front-row seats at Milan Fashion Week, where they joined the likes of Lucky Blue Smith, Raffery Law and other celeb spawn.

Over the summer, Sofia spent most of her time getting down with Justin Bieber – with pics of them making out splashed across the tabloids. However, as quickly as it began, their summer fling ended.

Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber.
Sofia Ritchie used to be with Justin Bieber. (Photo: Instagram)

Sofia Richie & Cameron Dallas Get to Know Each Other at D&G

Sofia and Cameron sat right next to each other during the fashion show, and were seen chatting and getting close.

Cameron and Sofia.
Cameron looks longingly at Sofia. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron appeared to be a fan of Sofia’s fashionable outfit.

Cameron Dallas and Sofia.
Cameron Dallas has a chat with Sofia at the runway. (Photo: Instagram)

The pair previously hung out at the Met Gala, but didn’t actually interact much. This time, however, they appeared inseparable.

Cam and Sofia.
New Friends: Cam and Sofia sat in the front row. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron and Sofia were seen chatting up a storm, and posed for a ton of photos together. We wonder what they talked about!

Cameron Dallas with Sofia.
Cameron Dallas poses with his seat-mate Sofia. (Photo: Instagram)

The duo also exited the venue together, and looked super cute!

Cameron and Sofia.
Cameron and Sofia exit the show together. (Photo: Twitter)

Cameron & Sofia Ride Segways Together

The pair also went on a cute segway excursion in Milan! They were seen rolling around in a park.

Cam and Sofia.
Cam and Sofia ride segways. (Photo: Snapchat)

Sofia Follows Cam on Instagram

Sofia also suddenly decided to follow Cameron on Instagram.

Sofia follows Cam.
Be my friend! Sofia followed Cam during the show. (Photo: Instagram)

Looks like she’s looking forward to seeing more of him.

Cameron Dallas shirtless.
Cameron Dallas goes shirtless for a photoshoot. (Photo: Instagram)

We don’t blame her!

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