Cameron Dallas Stuns at the 2016 Met Gala with Hot Models

Cameron Dallas is at the Met Gala right now! (Photo: Instagram)

It looks like Cameron Dallas is slowly cementing himself as a fashion icon!

He recently did a spread for Vogue, and was even picked to be a real Calvin Klein model.

Right now, he’s at the 2016 Met Gala, hobnobbing with glamorous socialites, models and celebrities!

Cameron Dallas Prepares to Go to the Met Gala in His Hotel Room

Why is Cameron at the prestigious and exclusive Met Gala event, anyway? He’s there because he was invited by Topman.

A shirtless Cameron was waiting around in his hotel room, and decided to order room service for himself. “Such a shame that I have to eat all this by myself!”


Later, he went over to Topman to get all glammed up. Did Shawn Mendes teach him some makeup tips? “I am at the Topman building,” he told fans on Snapchat. He revealed that they gave him a delicious-looking cupcake, which he promptly decided to eat. “It’s good. Thank you!”

Cameron Dallas eating.
Not on a Diet: Cameron Dallas eats a cupcake.

He eventually arrived at the event, and decided to take a leak. “I found the bathroom. And security here sucks.”

Cameron Dallas in bathroom.
Toilet Break: Cameron Dallas filmed himself in the bathroom.

Cameron Dallas Poses with Beautiful Models at the 2016 Met Gala

At the Met Gala, Cameron Dallas met up with the Topman and Topshop crew, and posed for the cameras. He was with Nick Jonas, Douglas Booth, Kate Upton, Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell and Sofia Richie.

Cameron Dallas.
Cameron wore an all-white ensemble by Topman. (Photo: Instagram)

In case you didn’t know, the theme this year is supposed to be “Manus x Machina” – focusing on the dichotomy between machine-designed fashion and handmade couture.

Cameron Dallas at the Met.
Cameron gets glamorous next to beautiful models and Nick Jonas. (Photo: Instagram)

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