Camila Teaches Shawn Some Gay Lingo, as They Storm iTunes with Sexy Duet

Shawn and Camila are going all-out for their new duet. (Photo: Getty)

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have officially dropped their brand new duet on iTunes – and it’s already at #3, as of writing!

After weeks of angry fan drama, the pair released their song to a mostly ecstatic audience.

Shawn Mendes' arms.
Shawn Mendes. (Photo: Instagram)

Shawmila Finally Release I Know What You Did Last Summer

After weeks of teasing and drama, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello finally dropped their brand new “cheating-themed” duet #IKWYDLS on iTunes! You can click here to purchase it.

Here’s a preview below. It might be removed soon.

Camila Teaches Shawn Some New Phrases

Shawn also revealed that Camila taught him a thing or two about being “bald” and “snatched”.

Camila gives Shawn a lesson.
Camila gives Shawn a lesson.

Shawn put his new knowledge to good use in their hilariously glitchy live stream. “I’m absolutely 100% bald!” he said.

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“719,000 tweets? Oh my god. I’m so bald.”

Shawn Live-Texts Taylor Swift, Camila Is Shocked

“I texted the song to Taylor,” Shawn nonchalantly announced on the live stream.

Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes.
Taylor Swift leaves Shawn Mendes red-faced. (Photo: Getty)

For some reason, Camila was very shocked, “WHAT? You actually texted it to Taylor?”

Shawn panicked, “Why is that so crazy? Is that crazy? Should I not have done that?”

Camila broke out into laughter. “I didn’t think you were serious!”

Shawn joked, “You are stressing me out!”

Shawn Mendes Is Left Red-Faced

Shawn Mendes was super worried about messing up fan usernames when he read them out loud.

“Mendes… Our next question is from… I always feel like I am going to mess up these names. Mendes… Stydees? Stiedyes? Am I stupid? Does that make sense?” Shawn went red.

Shawn and Camila GIF.
Shawn and Camila were adorable on the live stream.

Camila immediately corrected him. “Mendes Tie Dyes! Oh my god. That was the dumb… I’m really sorry that was like, live.”

Shawn was embarrassed and went even redder. “Agh. God I am such an idiot. You see how red my face is getting because I did that? It’s like tomato red right now. Because I messed up the name.”

“Mendes Tie Dyes, whoever you are, you’re makin’ me blush! Making me embarrassed right now.”

Shawn Mendes red-faced.
Shawn Mendes: Red.

His red face never went away. Fifteen minutes later, he asked again, “Why do I look so red?”

Camila & Shawn Suspect Their Numbers Have Been Leaked

Shawn and Camila kept receiving calls and texts. “I am getting a random call!”

Shawn suspected that his number was leaked. “I just got a text from a random thing, saying, like tell Camila she looks hot. And also you look hot too from like a random… Pretty sure my number just got leaked!”

Camila Cabello.
Camila Cabello looking shocked. (Photo: Instagram)

“Me too. I think my phone number was leaked! People send me really inappropriate things to my phone. And sometimes people send me pictures of like, cacti,” Camila said.

“If my number was leaked, can you please call me AFTER the live stream?” she joked.

Camila’s webcam then cut out, and she was invisible for the rest of the stream.

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