Carter Reynolds Kisses Ex-Girlfriend Maggie Lindemann 21 times on Video, Fans Shocked

True Love's Kiss: Carter Reynolds kissing Maggie Lindemann. (Photo: YouTube)

A few days ago, Carter Reynolds decided to post an old video of him kissing ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann over 21 times as they competed in a Chapstick Challenge.

Related Update: A controversial x-rated video featuring Carter & Maggie has leaked.

Because they are (supposedly) broken up due to Carter Reynolds’ cheating, even Maggie Lindemann was shocked and confused as to why Carter decided to post the video on YouTube.

The original video was filmed on October 23 2014, and they supposedly split in November 2014.

Carter Reynolds Posts the Romantic Video on His YouTube Channel

In the video, the then-lovers taste different chapstick flavors by kissing each other – again and again.

They try to guess the chapstick flavors on each other’s lips – from cherry to lemonade. Maggie won and was allowed to tweet 3 things from Carter’s Twitter account. The tweets are still up, and were posted on the 23rd of October, meaning that the video is over 3 months old.

Maggie pulls Carter in for kiss.
Maggie pulls Carter in for kiss.

You can watch the video below.

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It should be noted that despite them having a public breakup over Carter’s sexting, some fans think they’re actually still together and are trying to hide the relationship from fan scrutiny.

Fans React to the Video

A lot of fans were confused as to why Carter posted the video. The top comments criticized them for being “the world’s most annoying couple”.

Annoying as couple.
Most annoying couple.

Their close friend Teala Dunn branded them “OTP” – despite them being supposedly broken up. This lead fans to believe that #Caggie is still together.

Teala Dunn.

Maggie had a lot of fans.

Only for Maggie.
Maggie is too good.

Many defended her from hate, asking why Carter would post the video knowing that it would result in further abuse to Maggie.

Maggie doesn't know.

As usual, she also had plenty of haters.

Kissing Maggie - why?
Hate Maggie.

Maggie Lindemann Reacts to the Video

Maggie was definitely not a fan. “Omg chill with the Caggie s**t. That video is old AF,” she tweeted.

Maggie says it's old AF.
Chill with the Caggie crap.

Is It Because Carter Needs Pocket Money from Audible.Com?

A likely explanation for the video might lie in its sponsor.

Carter shills for
Carter shills for (Photo: YouTube)
Because Audible!

Carter splices in a clip of him shilling for near the end of the video.

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