Connor Franta & Lohanthony Call out ‘Homophobic’ Kian Lawley & JC Caylen, Taylor Caniff Defends

Lohanthony, Kian Lawley, JC Caylen, Connor Franta & Taylor Caniff had a disagreement. (Photo: Twitter)

Just days after their arrest, Kian Lawley, JC Caylen and Joseph Hernandez are causing more trouble online.

Kian and JC “hacked” Joseph’s Twitter account to post a variety of “gay jokes”, which were criticized by their former O2L group-mate Connor Franta – as well as Lohanthony.

Kian Lawley & JC Caylen Hijack Joseph Hernandez’s Twitter Account, Use It to Post “Coming out” Jokes

Kian and JC decide to prank their friend Joseph by posting a variety of “gay tweets” after hijacking his account.

“Woohoo, I’m finally outta the closet. But it’s okay cause I’m gay. Watch out boys. I can’t stop dreaming about dicks and hairy men. I suck big fat horse balls. P*** d*** stinky a** fart pubes,” they posted on his Twitter account.

Homophobic jokes.

Joseph specifically implicated Kian in the hijacking, although JC took some responsibility later on.

“Guys, I’m not gay. That was obviously Kian. He was doing a test run of how you’ll react when he comes out to you guys about him being gay.”

I'm not gay.

Connor Franta and Lohanthony Criticize JC & Kian For Making Homophobic Jokes

“It’s 2015. Being racist, sexist or homophobic in any way does not make you cool. It’s not funny and should not be joked about,” Connor subtweeted.

Lohanthony also retweeted Connor’s tweet.

Don't be homophobic.

“The sooner everyone can grasp that simple concept, the better. Let’s progress into a inclusive future that embraces difference and diversity,” Connor continued.

Embrace diversity.

“Remember when being a homophobic a****** was cool and trendy? Because I don’t,” Lohanthony tweeted.

Homophobic, says Lohanthony.

Taylor Caniff Responds to Lohanthony

Taylor Caniff got wind of the e-altercation, and tweeted, “I’m not homophobic in any way. If you’re happy that’s all that matters. But this kid needs to stop trying to act like he owns the internet.”

Taylor Caniff's homophobia jibe.

“He’s hurting people’s careers,” Taylor said.

I look out for friends.

“Stop calling people out for little mistakes they have made. You’re not perfect, worry about yourself. Sincerely, everyone,” he continued.

You're not perfect.

“Grow up finally,” he tweeted the teen.

Grow up!

Kian & Joseph Apologize

Kian eventually apologizes for his actions.

“This isn’t the only mistake I’ve made and I’m sure I’ll make more. But I sincerely apologize to those I have affected.”

Kian apologizes.

Joseph also said sorry. “About earlier today… It’s only fair of me to apologize. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I’m truly sorry and hope you know I really mean it.”

JC Caylen Apologizes, Calls Kian & Joseph “Dumbasses”, Then Gets Very Defensive on Twitter

JC Caylen also apologized. “Sorry for being apart of that joke. You’re right. I’m wrong. I’m apologizing on behalf of my dumbass friends too.”

I'm wrong!

However, he got very defensive after fans barraged him with homophobic accusations.

“I’m tired of people making up s*** about me. When have I ever made a homophobic slur? Many of my friends are gay. I’m tired of people making up this b*******.”

Define me!

“Don’t call me a homophobic douchebag! Stop making me feel like a horrible person.”


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