‘Talentless Hacks’ Destery & Shane Dawson Slammed by YouTuber

Destery and Shane Dawson were slammed by this YouTuber. (Photo: YouTube)

Destery and Shane Dawson were recently called out by the YouTuber ‘I Hate Everything’.

I Hate Everything accused Destery (and / or Shane Dawson) of stealing one joke for their “WTF News” viral recap video.

Accusations of “joke stealing” are common on YouTube. The Gabbie Show previously went viral on Reddit after being exposed as a joke thief.

Destery cosplays as Link. (Photo: Instagram)

I Hate Everything Accuses Destery & Shane of Stealing His Joke

Back in February, I Hate Everything posted the following video, titled “I Hate D*** Daniel”. It now has over 2 million views.

A few days later, Shane Dawson posted Destery’s “WTF News” video on his channel. The video was titled, “Sam Pepper Apology”.

If you were wondering why this video has over 26,000 dislikes, here’s what happened.

A little while later, I Hate Everything posted a video accusing Destery and Shane of plagiarizing a specific joke.

At around 5:29 in his video above, I Hate Everything edited together the two jokes to show the similarities. “Everything he says [in that joke] is pretty much verbatim!” he said.

“I do not understand why talentless joke thieves use the energy to find other people’s jokes. Straight up STEAL them word for word, make them worse and less funny,” he raged.

“I guess Shane Dawson is friends with The Gabbie Show, who is also a dirty joke thief!” he continued.

I Hate Everything Slams Both Shane & Destery: “Talentless Hacks!”

“Talentless hack steals the already unfunny plant joke,” I Hate Everything said in his video. “I never considered myself funny enough to warrant stealing from. Which makes it even MORE insulting to me.”

However, he admitted that he wasn’t sure who was to blame. “I do not know who is to blame here for stealing my s***. But the video is on Shane Dawson’s channel, posted by someone called Destery.”

Shane Dawson.
Shane Dawson poses on a blue backdrop. (Photo: Instagram)

“I don’t know who is to blame here, but they VERY obviously ripped me off.”

He said that he didn’t believe it was simply a coincidence. “I feel like this is FAR, far too similar to claim that this is just a coincidence.”

He then took shots at the “terrible jump-cut delivery” and said Destery had “no charisma at all”.

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