Marzia Responds to THOSE Pewdiepie Breakup Rumors

Has Pewdiepie really broken up with girlfriend Marzia? (Photo: Instagram)

Last week, rumors of Felix Kjellberg’s supposed “breakup” with his girlfriend Marzia Bisognin started reaching fever pitch.

However, CutiePieMarzia recently responded to all the gossip, and finally set the record straight!

Pewds and Marzia.
Pewdiepie and Cutiepiemarzia pose together. (Photo: Instagram)

Fans Spam Marzia & Felix With Questions About Their Relationship

Marzia recently posted a vlog about her trip to Scotland. She was with her family. However, fans spammed the comments section asking why she wasn’t with Pewdiepie.

“Wait! Did they break up? Why isn’t Felix with her?” a ton of fans wrote. “Please answer! Are you two still together?”

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Others asked why they hardly ever film videos together anymore. “How come you don’t make videos with him now?”

People also questioned why they never showed up in each other’s vlogs, and were confused if Pewdiepie’s filming location was his office or actual house. “Are they really still living together?” many asked.

Marzia Bisognin Denies She Broke Up With Felix

Marzia took to Instagram and cleared up questions about their relationship. She bluntly told fans, “Nope! Still together. There is no reason to worry.”

No reason to worry! Marzia responded.

The duo definitely still live together in the same home. The place Pewdiepie was evicted from was his office.

Marzia and Felix.
Marzia and Felix were recently hanging out with pals. (Photo: Instagram)

She also posted a photo of the pair hanging out with some friends, to show that everything was fine.

Felix and Marzia.
Felix and Marzia celebrating Christmas together. (Photo: Instagram)

Looks like fans have nothing to worry about!

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