Savage Mark Thomas Hater Humiliates Him to His Face at Playlist Live

Mark Thomas was so embarrassed when this hater did this. (Photo: Instagram)

An emotional Mark Thomas recently deactivated his Instagram account and was seen bawling his eyes out live on YouNow in a very sad stream.

While his eyes teared up, he talked about how haters have been getting to him recently. “Everyone is saying I am only in it for the money, and not my supporters.”

Recently at Playlist Live in Washington, a cruel hater even decided to embarrass him right to his face, then accused him of “not caring about fans”.

Duhitzmark & Liam Payne.
Duhitzmark strikes a pose in denim with his idol Liam Payne. (Photo: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time a hater has attacked a star. Jacob Sartorius was smacked by an awful girl who ran away giggling.

Girl Waits Hours in Line Just to Shade Duhitzmark

A Mark Thomas hater named “Celia” devised a nefarious plan to line up for Mark’s meet-and-greet.

Mark Thomas hater.
Celia, the famous hater, picks up some pasta with a fork. (Photo: Instagram)

After allegedly waiting around “one to two hours” in line, she finally got the chance to see him face-to-face.

Mark looked thrilled to meet her, but his happiness quickly turned into sadness when she decided to blank him and run off laughing. Here’s a short clip of the incident below.

Mark Reveals How He Felt When the Hater Did That

Mark found her real Instagram account, and he was very upset. He said that he was in the process of hugging her and was about to ask her, “You look familiar, have we met before?”

Mark told his side of the story on Insta.

“It hurt my feelings,” he admitted. Mark said that another fan could have taken her place instead, and she took their spot.

Mark Thomas, Cameron, Blake, Willie.
Mark Thomas with his bros Cameron, Willie, and Blake. (Photo: Instagram)

Celia Slams Mark Thomas for Being ‘Selfish & Rude’

The girl finally explained her reasoning for being mean like that. “He does not care about anyone but himself… He is just rude to fans.”

She accused him of this.

She mocked Mark’s fans for their insulting skills.

She was not thrilled with the choice of insults.

Finally, she decided to apologize to Mark after denying she was looking for attention and fame.

Celia finally apologizes for her mean actions.

She slammed fans for being hypocritical. “I apologized, so chill.”

Stop being hypocrites! That was her message.

Do you think this was too far?

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