Fans Think Jack Gilinsky & Madison Beer Are Dating after Stalker Sarah Catches Them Hanging Out

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky: Dating or not? (Photo: YouTube / Twitter)

A little over a month ago, people speculated that 18-year-old Jack Gilinsky and 15-year-old Madison Beer were an item.

Update: Jack Gilinsky has officially confirmed he is dating Madison Beer.

Fans went digging for evidence – which mostly consisted of the revelation that they “like” each other’s Instagram photos and sometimes hang out. Not exactly damning stuff.

However, Stalker Sarah recently bumped into them at dinner, and the paparazzi caught everything on video.

Stalker Sarah Finds Jack & Madison While She’s Eating Dinner in West Hollywood

According to Sarah, she was eating dinner with friends, at Mel’s Drive in WeHo, when Jack and Madison decided to come up to her table to say hello. “Good times,” Sarah said.

She posted a photo on her famous Instagram account, featuring Jack smiling and Madison looking shocked at a juice bar.

Stalker Sarah's selfie with Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky
Stalker Sarah’s selfie with Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky. (Photo: Instagram)

She also posted a second photo featuring Jack alone. “Sweetest guy,” she captioned.

Jack Gilinsky and Stalker Sarah
Jack Gilinsky and Stalker Sarah. (Photo: Instagram)

The paparazzi were also there, and PopCandiesTv got a video of the interaction.

Sarah with Jack and Madison Beer
Sarah talks with Madison and Jack. (Photo: YouTube)

Madison and Jack can be seen enjoying drinks, talking and taking selfies with Sarah and her friends.

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Fans React to the News That Jack & Madison Were Spotted Together

Fans quickly responded and immediately assumed that it was a date – and that Madison was Jack’s girlfriend.

Some fans were really happy about it. “I have never shipped something so hard in my life,” one fan said.

Hard shipping

However, most fans weren’t so impressed. “Jack can do way better than her,” one said. Others were more vicious. “Madision is a f**king s**t, OMG, I hate her so much,” another commented.

Evil slore
Do not want
Jack way better

Maggie Lindemann Inserts Herself into the Drama

For some reason, outspoken Maggie Lindemann decided to speak out about the unfolding drama.

“If the boys hang out with a girl, STFU and sit down,” she tweeted. She even defends Madison against sexist slurs – something she dealt with when she was with boyfriend Carter Reynolds.

Maggie sit down

Maggie then explains why the boys often hide their girlfriends from fans. “Y’all nonstop hate on the girl,” she says.

Nonstop girl hate

Fans Mock 18-Year-Old Jack for Hanging out with a 15-Year-Old

Other fans were relentless in mocking Jack Gilinsky, who is 18-years-old and hanging out with 15-year-old Madison Beer.

She is seven.
Too old!

Do you think they’re dating? Or just friends hanging out? Tell us below.

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