Objection! Lawyer Vows to FIGHT The Fine Bros

The Fine Bros’ latest trademark controversy is reaching new heights.

Update: The Fine Bros finally responded to the backlash.

In case you missed it, The Fine Bros are trying to trademark the generic word “react”. Yes, really.

Their aggressive trademarking and additional copyright drama caused a huge backlash on Reddit.

The Fine Bros.
The Fine Bros looking ready to eat their haters. (Photo: Instagram)

Reddit Rallies to STOP The Fine Bros’ Trademark of the Generic Word “React”

Ryan Morrison, also known as VideoGameAttorney over at /r/gamedev, led the charge against The Fine Bros in a popular Reddit post in /r/videos.

Ryan mentioned that he heard about The Fine Bros’ drama around Reddit and Twitter.


“I help people pro bono if they are getting bullied, and can’t afford to defend themselves,” he said in his video. “I heard they were trying to trademark the word REACT.”

Ryan warned that their trademark application was already on the brink of being successful. “It has successfully gotten through the application process,” he said.

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Therefore, the only thing left is the “public opposition” period. The trademark office will be publishing the trademark – unless the public demonstrates that they have a problem with it.

“We have a problem with it!” he said.

He originally wanted to oppose the trademark by himself, but doing so requires something else called “standing”. “I need to be the one hurt by this, to oppose it.”

Fine Bros with Smosh.
Anthony and Ian with a Fine bro. (Photo: Instagram)

Ryan, who doesn’t make “react” videos, is not directly hurt by The Fine Bros’ trademark. Because of this, he asked Reddit for help. “I will help content creators who want to come on board.”

He said that he was going to argue that the trademark is simply too generic. The more content creators he can gather, the better. “So, the more the merrier.”

Do you make “react” style videos? Do you know somebody else who does? Contact Ryan at his website or at @MrRyanMorrison.

Update: The Internet Triumphs

Click here to read the next part of this saga. There’s a happy ending.

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