Gabriella Lindley Goes to War with 11-Year-Old ‘Hater’ on Instagram, Loses Verified Tick

Gabriella Lindley temporarily lost her verified tick after some drama. (Photo: Twitter)

Gabriella Lindley lost her blue verified mark on Twitter today, after turning her account private during a rant against “haters”.

Update: Gabby has apologized for “bullying” fans.

“Keyboard warriors everywhere,” she angrily tweeted. “Dickheads. Were they born without brains?”

Velvetgh0st Calls out an 11-Year-Old on Instagram for Mooing at Her

Although Gabby receives no shortage of “hate” on her Instagram account, she took offense at a particular person who typed out cow-like noises on Instagram.


An 11-year-old fan with a Zoella icon commented “Moo” multiple times on one of Gabby’s photos. Presumably, Gabby believed she was being compared to a cow.

A cow.
This is a cow. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Gabriella was not amused, and shamed the girl on Twitter.

Fans Attack The 11-year-old – Then Her Sister Defends Her

An army of fans descended on the girl, who was “hysterical” over the hate she was receiving, according to her older sister.

Gabby hater?

“She was joking! She didn’t mean for the whole thing to come across as calling her a cow or anything. She was hysterical…getting so much hate on her Instagram. She was really sorry!” her sister tweeted.


“She’s really upset!” she continued.

Really upset!

Gabby Turns Her Twitter & Instagram Private, Thinks Keyboard Warriors Should Be “Killed Off”

Gabriella briefly went private on social media in a dramatic exit. “I apologize for ruining your fun for a second!” she taunted her haters on Twitter.


Gabby also favorited a fan’s tweet that stated haters should be “killed off”.

Killed off!

The furious Gabriella went on a Twitter rampage, blasting her “d*******” haters in a flurry of tweets.

This bitch!
Sad for them!
Rolling with YOLO.
Keyboard warriors.
Idol's face.
Hate photos.
Born without brains.

It’s Over: Gabriella Goes Public Again, but Loses Her Verified Tick

After she finished her rant, Gabby went public again. However, she lost her verified mark due to going private.

“I’ll have it back soon,” she said to worried fans.

Back soon!

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