3 Doctors Said GloZell Would NEVER Have a Baby – How She Proved Them Wrong!

GloZell is BEYOND excited for this. (Photo: Getty)

GloZell, who once detailed some of her struggles with infertility, recently had some awesome news.

She joked that her eggs were “a little powdered” after she found out that she had endometriosis. Three different doctors told her that she had no chance of having a baby due to her age – but she forged forward anyway.

GloZell prepared for two entire years, utilizing both holistic and traditional treatments to prepare “quality eggs” for her surrogate.

GloZell's baby.
GloZell tries to get in touch with her new baby. (Photo: Instagram)

GloZell Has Some Fantastic News

On November 22, a doctor transferred embryos into her surrogate, and told her to wait around two weeks for the results.

A week ago, GloZell announced that her surrogate, Shawna Johnson, was officially pregnant!

GloZell with her surrogate.
GloZell is beaming with her surrogate. (Photo: People)

Glo told People that she was “over the moon”. She praised Shawna for giving her the “greatest gift” and called her an “angel”. “We will forever be grateful!”

GloZell goes to the doctor for a checkup. (Photo: Instagram)

Have You Been Watching Her YouTube Series?

GloZell has a YouTube series on the Awestruck channel chronicling her baby journey.

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Her reaction to the good news was recorded for this series, and will be shown at a later date.

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