Is Austin Rhodes Gay with a Secret Boyfriend?

Austin Rhodes: Is he gay? (Photo: Instagram)

Ever since YouTuber Daveywavey introduced model twins The Rhodes Bros (made up of Aaron Rhodes and Austin Rhodes) to YouTube, fans have been wondering if the blonde, blue-eyed duo were gay.

It looks like fans have a partial answer, with Austin Rhodes posting lovey-dovey snaps with a mystery man. Austin was seen in a video lying on a man’s chest, watching Peter Pan Live together on Instagram.

Update: Both Aaron and Austin came out as gay on video.

Austin Rhodes and Justin Andersson at the beach.
Austin Rhodes holds a drink with Justin at the beach. (Photo: Instagram)

Austin’s man appears to be celebrity hair colorist Justin Andersson, who works at the The Chris McMillan Salon in beverly Hills, and is also the creative director at dpHUE.

Austin Rhodes shirtless with Justin.
Justin and Austin shirtless at the beach. (Photo: Instagram)

According Justin, his celebrity clients include Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Cavallari, LeAnn Rimes and Leighton Meester.

Austin Rhodes in love.
Austin leans back on Justin’s chest. (Photo: Instagram)

He was born and raised in Southern California and loves surfing and the water.

Austin Rhodes kissing boyfriend.
Austin Rhodes kissed by rumored boyfriend Justin Andersson. (Photo: Instagram)

Austin Rhodes, on the other hand, is signed by PYD Model Management and ADAM Models – like his brother Aaron.

Austin Rhodes' hot gay shirt.
Austin Rhodes is part of the Blondetourage. (Photo: Instagram)
Austin with shirtless Justin.
Austin and shirtless Justin on a trip. (Photo: Instagram)
Austin Rhodes with Justin Andersson.
Aaron Rhodes cuddles up to Justin Andersson. (Photo: Instagram)
Austin Rhodes with boyfriend.
Austin Rhodes shirtless. (Photo: Instagram)
Austin and Justin in bed.
Austin and Justin in bed. (Photo: Instagram)
Austin Rhodes at the beach.
Austin Rhodes at the beach. (Photo: Instagram)

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