Issa Explains Why He Smokes Weed & Drinks: “It’s Not a Sin!”

Issa explains everything. (Photo: Instagram)

Issa went on YouNow over the weekend, and talked about marijuana, drinking, hard drugs and being a role model.

In related weed news, Taylor Caniff is currently facing multiple felony marijuana charges in Indiana, and is scheduled for an initial hearing next week.

Issa Reveals He Smokes Marijuana: “Yes, I Have Smoked!”

“Marijuana, I don’t consider to be a really bad drug. Unless you have an addiction,” Issa said on YouNow.

“Have I ever smoked? Yes. I have smoked,” Issa confirmed.

“Actually, I don’t know why I have been so against telling people that I’ve done drugs before. Because, I just feel like I don’t have to be a role model 24/7. Uh, because I’m just like you guys.”

Issa and Hayes Grier.
Issa and Hayes Grier. (Photo: Instagram)

“It’s really not a sin to smoke marijuana! I’m telling you guys.”

Issa Talks About Drinking While Underage: “I Have, Obviously!”

“Have I illegally drunk? Yeah I have! Obviously.”

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“Oh my god! I just realized I’m turning 21 in May! The day I turn 21, you guys are getting a drunk YouTube video. I’m going to be making so many drunk YouTube videos and I am SO excited. So f****** excited.”

Issa with Llama.
Issa poses outdoors. (Photo: Instagram)

“Did I drink at Playlist? Did I? I was pretty much sober the whole time. I don’t like drinking at events and stuff like that, just because I actually want to remember times like that. And I don’t want to get so f***** up that I forget everything.”

Issa on Being a Role Model: “I’d Like to Be a Role Model for Other Topics”

“Here’s the thing. I’d rather be a role model when it comes to talking about things like problems with your life. Like sexuality, and being a good person.”

“I’d rather talk about things like that. Than be a good role model for like, smoking.”

Issa's face.
Issa demonstrates his signature look. (Photo: Instagram)

“Because I feel people put so much negativity towards that stuff. And honestly, once in a while, it’s not going to make you a terrible person to smoke weed or drink. Really doesn’t.”

“I’d like to be a role model for other topics.”

“If you don’t want to do it, then don’t f****** do it.”

Issa Reveals What He’s Like on Weed

“I’m not high, guys. Now everyone thinks I’m high. If I was high right now, I would probably not be talking. Because I don’t talk when I’m high. I’d probably be like this all the time. I could look so high right now. Ready?”

Twaimz demonstrates his "high" face.
Twaimz demonstrates his “high” face. (Photo: YouNow)

“I look so high right now. I actually do always look high, because when I smile, my eyes go really ch*nky.”

Issa Discusses Other Bad Stuff

“What are some other really bad drugs? Molly. The molly that makes you sweat, is really bad for you. Um. Starts with an ‘H’ and you shoot it into yourself? What’s that called? H-h-heroin! Don’t do that.”

“Coke, I already said. Shrooms. Don’t do shrooms. Acid – do NOT f****** do that s***. Y’all, I have heard stories from my friends of them doing acid. And I have heard about them like f*****’… oh hell no. Acid is like one of the scariest drugs you can take.”

Issa middle finger.
A Rebel: Issa brandishes his fingers. (Photo: Instagram)

“There are certain times that it can fuck with the brain, it will damage your brain. Permanently.”

“My friend one time, not a YouTuber, they took acid and they started seeing in black-and-white. They were looking at the trees, and the trees just started falling in black-and-white.”

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