Jack Gilinsky Accused of Cheating on Madison Beer with Stassie

Latest Fake Rumor: Jack Gilinsky is cheating on Madison Beer with Stassie. (Photo: Instagram)

Just days after Madison Beer was falsely accused of cheating on Jack Gilinsky – another fake cheating rumor has popped up!

This time, it was Jack Gilinsky’s turn in the hot seat, as fans wrongly accused him of having a fling with Anastasia Karanikolaou.

Kylie Jenner's friend Stassie.
Stassie flashes the finger with Kylie Jenner. (Photo: Instagram)

It All Started With This Low-Quality, Muffled Video

This super-short video featuring Jack Gilinsky talking with friends, was apparently posted by his friend Sayyora.

Try and figure out what Jack Gilinsky is saying in the video, if you can. Because the recording was low-quality, and the sound was muffled – it was like The Dress: Video Edition.

You can see Sayyora’s ripped jeans and belly piercing in the video, so it’s likely that she recorded it.

Sayyora accidentally caused an incident. (Photo: Instagram)

The beginning is vaguely audible, “I told Gabbie that when I was…” However, it gets questionable after that.

Fans heard variations of the name “Stassie”, the word “f******” – then assumed the worst.

Fans Freak Out, Assume Jack is Cheating

From the dodgy video, some fans thought they heard Jack Gilinksy confessing. “So Jack told Gabbie that he was going to have sex with Stassie when he goes to San Diego!”


The rumors started spreading like wildfire. “Apparently, Jack cheated on Madison with Stassie!”


“Rumor has it – Jadison is OFF! Jack G slept with Stassie!”


Sayyora Clears the Air: “Do Not Jump to Conclusions!”

After she saw her video being circulated with a questionable caption on a Jack Gilinsky fan account, Sayyora commented.

“Omg, is everybody serious? He said ‘Stas and I would f****** be there’.”

Screencap provided by Madison Updates. (Photo: Instagram)

“You guys are starting unnecessary drama and false rumors which is not cool. You can change the caption now that you know that is NOT what he said!”

“If you listen closely, you will realize you heard wrong! SMH. I can’t believe this.”

Stassie and Sammy Wilk.
Stassie gets close to Sammy Wilk. (Photo: Instagram)

“And if anyone was ever talking about personal stuff like that, I would have NEVER posted that. I’m not an idiot. So do not jump to conclusions.”

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