Jalal Brothers Arrested by TERRORISM Police for YouTube Pranks!

The Jalal Brothers stirred up tons of controversy. (Photo: Facebook)

Prankster brothers Max, Arman and Rebeen Jalal recently stirred up TONS of controversy in Australia.

The Jalals, who have millions of fans on Facebook and YouTube, initially went viral with their (fake) “bomb” and “shooting” pranks.

The brothers were raided by counter-terrorism agents over their staged prank videos.

Max Jalal.
Max Jalal wears his seat belt. (Photo: Instagram)

The Jalals Are Arrested & Charged by Counter-Terrorism Police

The Jalals are most famous for dressing up in traditional Arab garb and pranking bystanders with controversial scenarios.

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The three brothers, who live with their parents in Melbourne, were raided and arrested by Australian counter-terrorism police – not “normal” police officers.

On Facebook, the Jalals said that 30 officers swarmed their house and seized their toy guns, costumes and computers. After the search, they were interrogated for six hours.

A spokesperson for the Victoria Police said that their YouTube content was “completely unacceptable” and “criminal”.

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The police said they tried to censor and take down the videos, but couldn’t, since they were “held offshore” by YouTube.

The trio were eventually charged with being a “public nuisance” and “behaving in an offensive manner”. They were also BANNED from posting similar videos.

The Australian Media Goes CRAZY

The Australian media, who enjoy ripping apart YouTube pranksters, went berserk.

The Janoskians, Reckless Youth, Adrian Gee and PrankNation are just some of the pranksters who have previously felt the wrath of the Australian media.

Jalal Brothers.
The Jalal Brothers were attacked by the media.

They were splashed in every newspaper, and hounded by tabloid media programs like A Current Affair .

Top counter-terrorism “experts” called them “young idiots” and Australian celebrities ripped apart the trio.

The Jalals Admit Their Pranks Are Staged

In an interview with Channel Seven, the brothers admitted that their “drive-by shooting video” was completely faked with actors.

The “little girl” was actually Merry Jalal, their nine-year-old cousin. The “dad” was Max Jalal. It’s not a stretch to believe all the videos are faked, as well.

Jalal Bros.
The Jalal Bros were on a ton of news programs.

Jalals Accuse Counter-Terrorism Officials of Racial Profiling

On Facebook, the brothers accused the counter-terrorism agents of racial profiling.

They mentioned that Vitaly Zdorovetskiy did a “bomb prank”, but was simply arrested by normal police officers and faced ZERO charges in the United States.

Jalal Bros on Instagram.
The Jalals posing for a selfie. (Photo: Instagram)

Unfortunately for the pair, the Victoria Police are not American police officers, and announced that they had NO plans to drop the charges. The two adult brothers will be facing the court later in May.

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