Kalel Breaks down in Tears over Acne, Reveals She No Longer Leaves Her House or Turns on Lights

Kalel revealed her shocking secret in a video released today. (Photo: YouTube)

Kalel Kitten has finally revealed why she has been recently hiding from the internet and the real world – in a tearful video posted on her channel.

She reveals that she nailed down blackout curtains to her windows, and locked the doors, due to depression over her latest acne outbreak.

She explains that she hasn’t been making videos simply because she refuses to put makeup on, as she believes it will make her pimples worse.

Her skin has even been affecting her relationship with her new boyfriend, following her split from fiance Anthony Padilla.

Kalel Kitten Breaks Down as She Announces Her Depression Over Acne

“This video is a little difficult for me to make,” she begins.

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“I am currently facing the absolute worst acne breakout of my entire life. It’s very, very painful for me.”

“So it started out a couple of months ago…a few cysts. The past six months of my life have been a lot of stress.”

Kalel and Anthony.
Kalel and Anthony were set to be married – but broke it off. (Photo: Flickr)

“I had two very large, painful cysts on my forehead. Then I got two more. Two on my forehead, two between my eyes, two on each side of my nose, and now I have about four on my chin. Some on my back.”

“I have just spiraled down so far. I went into a very deep state of depression.”

“Like Rob Kardashian level depression.”

Kalel Feels so Ugly – That She Rarely Leaves the House, Nailed Down Black Curtains, Doesn’t Turn on Lights

“I went and bought blackout curtains. For the past two months I have barely left my place at all. It reached the point that I was so sad that I didn’t even want to look at myself anymore. I wouldn’t even turn the lights on…I would just light a candle.”

Kalel's curtains.
Kalel nailed down black curtains so she doesn’t have to face the world. (Photo: YouTube)

“To have a face FILLED with large, marble-sized cysts…it’s a lot. It has really, really been difficult for me…is my whole face going to be NOTHING but red in two months?”

“Until you understand what it feels like to feel SO UGLY that you can’t even make eye contact with people, that you don’t even leave your house.”

“I went to Coachella, I had to cake on a pound of makeup. So gross to me. It’s just been hard.”

Kalel Kitten at Coachella.
Kalel says she “caked on makeup” for Coachella. (Photo: Instagram)

She reveals that she has going to a dermatologist. “Today, I made the decision that I am going to go on Accutane. I don’t even believe in taking Advil. I’m very against medicine. I don’t take medicine of any kind. I don’t take antibiotics.”

“My life has just stopped.”

Kalel Reveals Acne Is Affecting Her Relationship With Her New Boyfriend

“I’ve been dating this guy, for a few months. When you are in a new relationship, the last thing you want is something like this s*** to happen. What a nightmare. Been dating the same guy for a while. I’m really happy with him and our relationship. I really like him and we have an amazing connection.”

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