Madison Beer Hits Back at THOSE Cameron, Hayes, Carter & Nash Dating Rumors

Madison denies dating all of Magcon. (Photo: Getty)

She’s had enough! Madison Beer responded to all those dating rumors in a big way.

Her rival Taylor Caniff famously accused her of dating all of Magcon for fame – a charge she previously brushed off.

Despite her denials, fans and haters continued to accuse her of dating everybody under the sun.

Madison Finds an Instagram Collage Featuring Her with Different Guys

Madison stumbled upon the following collage on Instagram, after a fan account re-posted it.

The collage featured Madison posing with various guys like Cameron, Hayes, Nash, Carter, Sammy, Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson.

Madison Beer collage.
Madison found this Instagram post. (Photo: Instagram)

The image also featured Taylor Caniff’s infamous tweet accusing her of being with various Magcon members.

“Madison has been accused of being with Carter, Hayes, Nash, Justin, Cameron, Sammy, and random dudes she has taken photos with!” the Madison fan wrote in the caption.

“Just because you took a picture with someone doesn’t mean you are dating!” the fan said in defense of Madison.

Madison Clears up Every Single Dating Rumor in that Collage

Madison replied to the fan, and explained EVERY single photo in the collage.

“What you said is so true! I will break it down for everyone starting from the top left photo!”

Madison's Instagram screenshot.
Madison cleared up every single rumor. (Photo: Instagram)

She explained away the infamous “holding hands with Cameron” photo below. “Cameron and I were walking through a crowd of people. He simply grabbed my hand to keep me safe, so I wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle.”

Cameron Dallas and Madison Beer.
Cameron Dallas holds hands with Madison. (Photo: Twitter)

“Second photo! Sam and Hayes are my friends. Andrea is in that picture too.”

She then talked about the photo below. “Fourth pic. Cameron and I with a fan. We just got off a boat with all our friends and we just happened to be the only ones that the girl saw – because we walked off the boat last. Don’t you people think she would’ve noticed sexual tension between us? We are just friends!”

Madison and Cameron.
Cameron Dallas shirtless with Madison and a fan. (Photo: Twitter)

“Second row. First pic. He was an actor in my music video. I was like 14, and his girlfriend was on set that day.”

Madison Beer on YouTube.
Madison Beer does a scene. (Photo: YouTube)

“Carter and I. That was on his birthday, I believe. Simply taking a selfie with someone who used to be my friend.”

Carter Reynolds and Madison.
Carter Reynolds makes a face with Madison. (Photo: Instagram)

“Nash and I in Santa Monica. Just friends! Do we look like a couple? We aren’t even touching each other. Cameron and two other girls were there. JUST FRIENDS!”

Nash Grier and Madison Beer,
Nash Grier and Madison, (Photo: Twitter)

“Haha, that last pic was a fan… paparazzi took that.”

Madison Beer with a guy.
Madison Beer with another fan. (Photo: Getty)

“Third row! Justin and I. That was one of the first times I met him – and was just a fan excited to meet her idol.”

Madison and Justin.
Justin Bieber holds Madison Beer. (Photo: Instagram)

“Cody Simpson and I. We are both signed with Scooter Braun, and we were cutting our song Valentine that was released a few years ago. He had a girlfriend when that photo was taken.”

Cody Simpson with Madison Beer.
Cody Simpson and Madison. (Photo: Keek)

“Hayes and I at In-N-Out. This pic makes me laugh. Jack and Jack were sitting right across the table. JUST FRIENDS!”

Fan spots Hayes Grier hanging out with Madison. (Photo: Instagram)
Fan spots Hayes Grier hanging out with Madison. (Photo: Instagram)

“Lohanthony and I… I’m on his back because he’s a good friend of mine.”

Lohanthony and Madison.
Anthony gives Madison a ride on his back. (Photo: Instagram)

“First pic is a long time family friend named Aaron, who I probably called my “boyfriend” when I was like four. He’s like a brother to me.”

Madison Beer and Aaron.
Madison Beer with a family friend. (Photo: Instagram)

“Nick Jonas and I. Haha, we are signed to the same label and that was at a label party.”

Madison Beer and Nick Jonas.
Madison with Nick Jonas. (Photo: Getty)

“Cameron and I again, just friends!”

Cameron and Madison.
Cameron Dallas and Madison Beer in public. (Photo: Twitter)

“Last pic is a fan who was waiting outside of Justin’s studio. We were recording together. HOPE THAT CLEARED IT UP!”

Madison Beer with a fan.
Madison Beer takes a selfie with a guy fan. (Photo: Getty)

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