Maggie Lindemann Hits Back: Cameron Dallas Is Talentless & Not Famous!

Maggie Lindemann has hit back at Cameron's claims she is using Carter Reynolds. (Photo: Twitter)

Carter Reynolds’ girlfriend Maggie Lindemann is furious after hearing Cameron Dallas thinks she is using Carter for fame.

On a YouNow stream, Maggie decided to brand Cameron Dallas “talentless”. While she later apologized on Twitter, she clearly meant what she said.

Maggie again on YouNow.
Maggie is furious at Cameron. (Photo: YouNow)

“These people aren’t famous! They’re literally on social media. They aren’t famous,” she said. “You gotta have a talent!”

She then calls Cameron Dallas, Matt Espinosa, and a few other Viners “talentless”.

Fans React to Maggie’s Attack

Predictably, fans of Cameron and the boys were not happy with her words.

Called Shawn talentless.
She shaded Carter.
She does nothing.
Your fans like them too.

Maggie Does Damage Control

After the severe backlash, Maggie decided she needed to apologize.

“I’m really impulsive. That’s why I always respond to all the hate I get. When I see hate and stuff, I am so quick to defend myself – like I don’t even think of what I say before I say it. I just react very quickly.”

I was impulsive.
Stick up for me!
Maggie's sorry.
Don't cyber bully me!

But Is Maggie Actually Sorry?

Despite apologizing on Twitter, Maggie didn’t seem very apologetic on her latest YouNow stream.

She decides to call Cameron talentless for the second time, but then praises Shawn Mendes for having talent – unlike Cameron.

“Like Shawn, he has talent, he deserves fame. He does stuff. And he’s like really talented too.”

“Everyone is going to take Cameron’s side, because he’s Cameron. And I am just the girlfriend.”

Maggie Says She’s Not Using Carter for Fame

“People say I am using Carter for fame and stuff. But people don’t understand. I DON’T CARE about being famous!”

“Before I dated Carter, I rarely got any hate. And I had a lot of followers.”

“Now, I literally can’t look in my timeline without seeing stuff like ‘kill yourself’. Stupid stuff. Shut up! Why do you waste time tweeting about me?”

Kill yourself!

“[Cameron] says I am using Carter, but like – using him for what?” She rolls her eyes and flips her hair. “Not you.”

“I’m not freaking using ANYONE!”

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