Maggie Lindemann RAGES After She’s Caught Smoking Marijuana!

Maggie Lindemann is NOT happy about her latest leak. (Photo: Instagram)

Maggie Lindemann was NOT happy after she was seen smoking weed.

She confirmed that the leaked video from her private Snapchat was definitely real.

Maggie Lindemann.
Maggie Lindemann looking glum in a room. (Photo: Instagram)

Maggie Lindemann’s Smoking Snapchats Leak Online

In case you missed it, an account called Fav Celeb Gossip decided to leak some media of Maggie Lindemann smoking.

Here’s a GIF of one of the videos. You can see the other photo over here.

Maggie Lindemann's weed smoking.
Maggie Lindemann was seen smoking weed on Snapchat.

In the other photo, it even looks like Lohanthony is in the background!

Maggie Lindemann Is FURIOUS at the Mysterious Leaker

Maggie Lindemann went on her private Snapchat, and blasted the person who leaked her weed-smoking videos. Fav Celeb Gossip posted the video of her furious rant.

In the snap, Maggie was seen baring her teeth as she lambasted the leaker in an expletive-filled rant.

Maggie Lindemann is angry.
Maggie Lindemann pretended to smile as she called the leaker a “c***”.

“And, to whoever LEAKED my weed pics, I will FIND you!” she raged in her latest video – essentially confirming everything.

“Because you’re a little C***!” she said.

Maggie Lindemann's middle finger.
Maggie Lindemann showed off her middle finger!

She brandished her middle finger to the camera, and continued her tirade. “FUCK you, b****!”

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