Marcus Butler Attacks ‘Ignorant’ & ‘Stupid’ Fan: Unsubscribe, Then!

Marcus Butler is angry. (Photo: YouTube)

Marcus Butler is not happy with one viewer that tried to call him out for promoting “skinny propaganda”.

He joins friends Alfie and Zoella in posting a video dedicated to slamming “hate” comments.

Marcus Is Really Bothered by One Comment

Usually, YouTubers complain about YouTube comments in general, but Marcus is really annoyed at one specific comment.

He says, “There’s something I want to talk about – I literally never do this. I even hate the word ‘hate comment’, because I’m not receiving hate comments. But I went onto my vlog, because I love reading the comments on vlogs from you guys. I just like you see what you guys think.”

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“On my vlog yesterday, there seemed to be a few comments in particular about healthy eating. One comment in particular, just made me want to film this and chat to you guys – because it really kind of irritated me.”

This Is the Comment That Infuriated Marcus

Marcus then reveals the comment that got him all riled up.

The Comment: “Sorry, I’m sick of so many YouTubers shoving so much healthy eating and exercising into every single video – I mean, good for you, good job, you’re looking great. But a lot of your viewers don’t like eating healthy and don’t like exercise – and a lot of them are overweight. Some people I’m sure will love it, but I don’t want to watch videos that seem like an advertisement for being “perfect and skinny and healthy” every 5 seconds. Make it a blog post, so we can enjoy your day without being subjected to feeling sh*t about ourselves – and those who want to look at it, look at it. I’m honestly over it. I don’t want to unsubscribe, but lately I feel like I have to. Not because I have bad self-image (I don’t like exercise) but I eat healthily enough, so I am not overweight. I just feel bad for everyone else that has to watch this, and feel like you and everyone else won’t accept them. Please do something about it.”

To add more context, Marcus even has a playlist dedicated to food and healthy eating on his channel “Moremarcus”.

Moremarcus health playlist.

Marcus Blasts the ‘Ignorant’ & ‘Stupid’ Comment

“So this frustrates me, in like a billion ways,” Marcus begins. He reveals that he doesn’t care about looking thin and hot.

“So basically, first thing…the reason I do this is nothing to do with being skinny. Like, that is not my main aim. If you watch my vlogs, from your comment – maybe you don’t. You will understand that the reason I do this is for health reasons to stop any potential dangerous and harmful diseases like cancer or blood disease or heart failure.”

Marcus Butler shirtless.
Shirtless Marcus Butler is about health, not looks.

“The reason I’m doing this is to feel better about myself. And that is just me – it’s just my life. What’s the point in me pretending I’m something I’m not? I don’t want to fake it just to please some people. I want to show what I do in my day-to-day life, and part of my life is food. Everybody eats food, and I share that food with you. I don’t force you to eat it, I’m not telling you to eat it. I’m not putting it out there to make you feel bad about yourselves.”

“It’s such an ignorant comment…you’re judging me for being healthy as if I’m putting myself superior above people that aren’t healthy.”

“Unsubscribe them, I’m not forcing you to watch my videos. Like seriously.”

“That comment was just so ignorant. Just so stupid.”

Fans React to Marcus’ Rant

Reactions to his latest rant were mixed. On one hand, many viewers were clearly tired of the “Gleam team”, which also includes Marcus’ friends Alfie and Zoella, complaining all the time.

Everyone's ranting.
Youtubers, stop ranting!

Others decided to try some constructive criticism that might help appease the haters.

Healthy Marcus Butler?

Other viewers announced that they loved watching lifestyle videos.

Fan defends Marcus.

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