Matt Espinosa Blames “Friend” for Racist N-Word Snapchat

Matthew Espinosa was caught in a race-related controversy again. (Photo: Instagram)

Matthew Espinosa was caught in a race-related controversy after he posted the n-word in a Snapchat caption.

He eventually deleted the offending racist post, and later blamed his “friend” during a rant on his Snapchat (@notmattespinosa). The video is below!

However, fans weren’t buying his story, and they trended #MatthewExposedParty worldwide. This is not the first time Matt has been involved in a race-related controversy. Matt once showed up at an event in full blackface as his alter ego “Papa Squat”.

Matthew Espinosa.
Matt Espinosa looks happy wearing blue. (Photo: Instagram)

Matthew Espinosa Posts The N-Word on Snapchat

Here’s the message that caused it all.

Matt Espinosa on Snapchat.
Matthew Espinosa’s Snapchat account sent this out to all his followers. (Photo: Snapchat)

Fans weren’t happy, and blasted him on social media. After around 40 minutes, he eventually deleted it and explained himself on Twitter and Snapchat.

Matt Espinosa Angrily Hits Back: “It Was My Friend!”

On his Snapchat (@notmattespinosa), Matt was fuming. He put the blame on his “friend”. “Guys, I am very mad right now because I was on my phone. And someone posted something very racist on my Snapchat.”

“It was one of my friends, who I thought I could trust with my phone,” he continued. “So when I went on a rollercoaster, I didn’t want to bring my phone because I almost dropped it one time. And then he took that phone and went to some ‘fake gun, fake dude on a piano’ thing. It was like a target practice thing and it was one of the people for decoration, or whatever.”

“And the next thing I know… there was a story posted. But I did not see it until 40 minutes later.”

Matthew Espinosa.
Matthew Espinosa gets cuddly with a dog. (Photo: Instagram)

“First, I am not a racist! Second, that was not me who posted that. Third, I know where my heart lies and I know where I belong in this world. So do NOT tell me I am something that I am not.”

“Every single day I use my voice and I use my social media to make this world a better place. To make everyone live in harmony. So you cannot tell me that I do not do that. Because that is all I focus on! I am sorry for all the confusion. I am sorry if any feelings got hurt. I did not want any of that to happen, guys. I love each and every one of you. Equally. And let’s just keep moving forward. Espinosas ’till we die!”

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