Pentatonix Beats Demi Lovato for the Billboard #1 with Just 271 More Copies

How did Pentatonix do against Demi Lovato?

Pentatonix and Demi Lovato have been locked in a week-long chart battle. It’s officially over.

Billboard confirmed the final figures, and you won’t believe how close it was!

Pentatonix thanked fans. (Photo: Instagram)

Pentatonix Officially Beats Demi on the Billboard 200, by a Hair

According to Billboard, Pentatonix sold 88k in pure album sales, or “slightly more” than 98k with streaming. The Billboard 200 includes streaming, so this was enough for them to top the chart at #1.

Demi Lovato sold 77k in pure sales, and around 98k with streaming. You read that right. Pentatonix beat Demi by mere hundreds – that’s how close it was!

Reuters reported the un-rounded numbers. Demi sold 98,176 copies with streaming, and Pentatonix did 98,447 copies. That’s a difference of just 271 copies.

Avi Kaplan Reveals What a #1 Would Mean to Pentatonix

Just yesterday, Avi Kaplan spoke to Fuse about Pentatonix’s chart battle with veteran singer Demi Lovato.

Avi praised Demi Lovato for being a “great artist” and said that they were honored to be competing against her. “It is a really cool thing.”

Avi Kaplan and Hilary Duff.
Avi Kaplan with Hilary Duff. (Photo: Instagram)

He revealed that Pentatonix had a competitive streak, and that they were “doing everything possible” to top the charts. “We really, really, really, really want this! We just want this so bad.”

Pentatonix has been engaging fans on everything from Periscope to Spotify. “We are getting creative!”

Demi Lovato being sexy.
Demi Lovato is #Confident. (Photo: Instagram)

Despite already being Grammy-winners, he said that a hypothetical number one album would be the biggest thing they have accomplished so far. “It would genuinely make history.”

However, he also revealed that they would be happy no matter what the outcome was. “We will be happy, and I am sure she will be happy too!”

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