Teen Mom Acacia Brinley Might Give Birth Any Day Now!

Acacia Brinley's baby is going to arrive any moment now. (Photo: Instagram)

Acacia Brinley Clark and boyfriend Jairus Kersey are hard at work preparing for the birth of their child!

In a vlog, Acacia revealed that she was doing pregnancy exercises and was even considering moving houses to better accommodate the baby – since it’s coming very soon!

Jairus Kersey and Acacia.
Jairus Kersey feeds girlfriend Acacia in the kitchen. (Photo: Twitter)

Acacia Confirms Her Baby Is Estimated to Arrive Very Soon

Around last week, Acacia told her fans that she was expected to give birth in “about a month’s time”. However, as of this week, she said that she was already considered “full term” – and her baby could decide to pop out at any moment.

Acacia Brinley with no makeup.
Acacia Brinley goes makeup-free in a selfie. (Photo: Instagram)

In a vlog, Acacia showed how she was prepping for her pregnancy.

Acacia Brinley.
Acacia Brinley takes some photos to remember her pregnancy. (Photo: Instagram)

She was even poppin’ those protein bars and going to the gym for some pregnancy-specific workouts.

Acacia & Jairus Prepare for the Birth

She even picked out a rugged “all-terain” stroller and put it to a test drive. “I’m worried people will think we’re so weird running around with an empty stroller.”

Acacia's stroller.
Acacia and Jairus test out their stroller. (Photo: Instagram)

She has been listening to an audiobook of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please with noise-cancelling headphones to relax.

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Acacia remarked that she really wanted to move houses, since the staircase was an annoyance for the stroller.

Acacia Brinley.
Acacia wears a denim jacket and showcases her belly. (Photo: Instagram)

Like a typical expecting mom, she also got a selection of baby accessories like a leather diaper bag.

Acacia pregnant.
Acacia lovingly caresses her baby in a lovely photoshoot. (Photo: Instagram)

Hopefully it all goes well!

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