Sam Pepper Announces Victory over Haters – Says He’s NOT Going Anywhere!

Sam Pepper puts legs over his head. (Photo: Instagram)

Sam Pepper recently had the best few weeks ever (according to himself).

He was gifted with a spectacular amount of wall-to-wall media coverage, helped along with that Anonymous threat and that whole GoFundMe failure.

Sam Pepper outside.
Sam Pepper on the streets. (Photo: Instagram)

Sam Thinks He Has the Last Laugh

Due to the low amount of contributions to his anti-Sam fundraiser, Sam concluded that everyone wanted him to stay on YouTube, and announced his triumph over haters. “Nobody really cares that much about me deleting my channel! Nobody really donated.”

“A lot of you guys were leaving SUCH nice comments! Saying like, don’t delete your channel. There was really, really nice stuff said. So thank you to EVERYONE who left a nice comment.”

Sam Pepper with birds.
Sam Pepper with his fans. (Photo: Instagram)

Sam Reveals New Details About Why His GoFundMe Was Taken Down

A while ago, Sam told fans to donate $1.5 million to delete his channel. Don’t know what that’s about? Click here to catch up.

“Hello guys, this is a quick update in regards to deleting my YouTube channel. My GoFundMe was deleted I guess, because it’s not a charity, fund or whatever. They just didn’t see it fitting onto their site.”

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“Everyone’s money got refunded.”

Sam Says He’s Ramping up His Video Production Because People Love Him

He praised his fans for leaving nice comments. “It’s really giving me more energy to make some new videos!”

“I am going to post new videos, starting tomorrow, EVERY single week. 100%, I promise you. I will see you tomorrow with a BRAND NEW prank!”

“Keep leaving those nice comments, likes. It keeps me motivated to make new videos.”

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