Where Did Shawn Mendes’ “Illuminate” DEBUT on the Billboard Charts?

Shawn Mendes has thrashed the Billboard charts. (Photo: Instagram)

Shawn Mendes has a lot to celebrate this week – with the best sales week of his career so far!

He has also been pretty busy promoting this week. Sia praised him and there were even discussions of a Niall Horan collaboration.

Shawn Mendes.
Shawn Mendes is cheered by tons of adoring girls. (Photo: Instagram)

Shawn Mendes Nabs His Second #1 with Illuminate on the Billboard Charts

According to Billboard, Shawn Mendes took home the U.S. #1 on the Billboard 200 with Illuminate. In order to achieve this feat, he sold 145,000 copies (with streaming / SPS included) in the United States. In terms of pure sales, fans bought 121,000 copies of his album.

Shawn Mendes works a black piano during his performance. (Photo: Instagram)

Despite overall traditional sales weakening in the music industry, Shawn still managed to have the best U.S. sales week in his career. His previous album, Handwritten, topped this chart at #1 last year with 119,000 sales (with streaming / SPS included).

Shawn Mendes.
Shawn Mendes smiles with his trusted guitar. (Photo: Instagram)

This means he has nabbed two #1 albums by the age of 18 – an amazing feat. In fact, only Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff and LeAnn Rimes have done this.

The #2 charter this week was fellow Canadian Drake, who nabbed 50,000 units.

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