Shawn Mendes Gets SEXUAL in Leaked Fault Magazine Photos

Shawn Mendes shows off his body for Fault Mag. (Photo: Tumblr)

New adult Shawn Mendes is forging ahead with his new “sex symbol” status with yet another shirtless magazine photoshoot.

Shawn was snapped for an upcoming issue of Fault Magazine. Although it isn’t out yet, fans managed to get an advance copy and took some LQ shots. Update: We added some new HQ shots.

Shawn Mendes' abs.
Talented musician Shawn wields his guitar around outside (while shirtless). (Photo: Instagram)

Shawn Mendes Strips Shirtless & Unzips Pants for Fault Magazine

Shawn showed off his body, Kardashian-style, in his latest steamy photoshoot.

Shawn Mendes topless.
Shawn Mendes takes it off for Fault Mag. (Photo: Instagram)

He pulled down his zipper to reveal his black Calvin Kleins.

Shawn Mendes shirtless.
Shawn Mendes strikes his best seductive shirtless pose in front of a red wall. (Photo: Instagram)

In one shot, Shawn can be seen lying down and playing coy.

Shawn Mendes shirtless.
Shawn Mendes lies down shirtless on a vivid sofa. (Photo: Instagram)

He unzipped his pants and seduced the camera – while standing on a sofa.

Shawn Mendes' pants off.
Take off my pants! Stripper Shawn unbuttons his jeans for fans. (Photo: Instagram)

A few months ago, in a cover interview with Billboard, Shawn spilled about his sex life.

Shawn revealed that it was actually harder to have sex nowadays due to his immense fame level. “It is impossible,” he said.

Shawn topless.
Topless Shawn wears a big coat, but still might be chilly. (Photo: Instagram)

He spoke about how one of his songs (“Patience“) was about bedding an older girl.

Shawn Mendes GIF

However, the girl appeared to regret it the next day due to his young age. “She was scared.”

Shawn Mendes GIF

Due to that bedroom encounter, Shawn told Billboard that he now has a kind of “sore spot” for older people that are “strange” around young people.

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