Shawn Mendes STRIPS Shirtless & Talks Girlfriend Rumors

Shawn Mendes posed for his sexiest photoshoot yet! (Photo: Instagram)

Shawn Mendes recently posed for L’Uomo Vogue in his steamiest photoshoot yet!

He teamed up with photographer Sebastian Kim and headed off to The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel in New York to snap some pics.

Shawn Mendes' body.
Shawn Mendes stares at himself intensely in the mirror. (Photo: Instagram)

Does Shawn Mendes Have a Girlfriend?

Shawn Mendes, who once slammed the rumors that he was secretly gay or bisexual, was asked if he was currently dating somebody.

Shawn Mendes shirtless.
Shawn reveals his body for a photoshoot. (Photo: YouTube)

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Shawn Mendes being wet.
Shawn Mendes gets wet by the sink. (Photo: Instagram)

Shawn told the interviewer that he did not have a “special someone” at the moment. But what does Shawn look for in a girl?

Shawn Mendes wet.
Shawn tousles his hair in the bathroom. (Photo: Instagram)

Shawn said that he wanted somebody with a bold personality and a penchant for humor.

Does Shawn Read Books?

Shawn was asked about what his favorite book was. Unfortunately for book lovers, Shawn didn’t have an answer. “I just do not have one.”

Shawn Mendes' body.
A shirtless Shawn Mendes clutches his chest. (Photo: Instagram)

Why does Shawn not read books? “I just do not have the time!” he answered.

Shawn in a suit.
Shawn looks sharp in an open suit. (Photo: Instagram)

However, Shawn does want to change that, and said that he made a promise to himself about “reading more books”.

Shawn Mendes lies down on a blue sofa. (Photo: Instagram)
Shawn Mendes' abs.
Shawn shows off his abs in a black-and-white pictorial. (Photo: Instagram)

“I think it is important!” he said.

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