16-Year-Old Suede Brooks Steps Out With 34-Year-Old Scott Disick

What the hell is going on with Scott Disick and Suede Brooks? (Photo: Instagram)

Teen YouTuber and model Suede Brooks, who is 16, was seen galavanting around NYC with the much older Scott Disick, 34.

Nobody knows why the pair of them are hanging out so often. Suede even disabled her Instagram comments so her own fans were unable to ask.

Days ago, 18-year-old Madison Beer was seen partying and attending events alongside Scott. Her fans warned her to stay away from him.

Suede Brooks & Meredith Mickelson.
Suede Brooks wraps her hands around her partner-in-crime Meredith Mickelson. (Photo: Instagram)

Father-of-Three Scott Disick Parties & Dines With 16-Year-Old Suede Brooks

Suede Brooks had lunch with Scott Disick at the luxury restaurant Cipriani in New York.

Both Scott and Suede wore dark shades and the tabloids were unable to identify her – but it’s definitely her.

Suede Brooks and Scott Disick.
Suede grabs a meal with Mr. Disick at a restaurant. (Photo: Instagram)

Infamous lothario Scott dressed casually in an oversized blue jumper and matching tracksuit bottoms, while Suede wore white boots, black leggings, and a green jacket.

Scott and Suede.
Scott and Suede discuss something as they wait around for transport. (Photo: Instagram)

After midnight, Suede joined up with Scott again and went for a ride in his so-called “party van”. They attended a Catch NYC party.

Suede and Scott.
Suede looks very happy to be seen with Scott out-and-about. (Photo: Instagram)

Suede then disabled the Instagram comments on most of her recent photos to keep fans quiet.

Suede Brooks and Scott.
Suede Brooks emerges from Scott’s mysterious van. (Photo: Instagram)

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