Rest in Peace: Tillman the Skateboarding Dog Dies

Tillman passed away. (Photo: Facebook)

One day after Barkley the Pom passed away, English bulldog Tillman, most famous for his skateboarding and surfing skills, passed away in California at the age of 10.

Tillman initially shot to fame in 2007 with this legendary skateboarding video that garnered over 21 million views.

The hard-working bulldog eventually went on to win title after title, various awards, huge commercials, a Guinness World Record – and even became an Honorary Private First Class Marine.

Dog on the red carpet.
Tillman hits the red carpet. (Photo: Facebook)

Owner Ron Davis revealed that Tillman struggled with an irregular heartbeat, and suddenly lapsed into heavy panting on Tuesday evening.

Owner Ron Davis gets ready to surf with Tillman.
Owner Ron Davis gets ready to surf with Tillman.

Tillman was rushed to a veterinary hospital and a cardiovascular resuscitation was attempted, but he passed away on October 27th.

Tillman loved the outdoors. (Photo: Facebook)

Tillman was named after U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman, who died via enemy fire in Afghanistan during 2004.

Tillman the dog on a skateboard.
Tillman as a puppy. (Photo: Facebook)

Tillman initially started skateboarding at just 10 weeks old. Owner Ron said, “I had a Rottweiler [Stoli] that would carry a skateboard with him everywhere. When Tillman joined my family he was the size of a big donut, and he was absolutely obsessed with that skateboard.”

English bulldog puppy.
Before Fame: Tillman as a puppy. (Photo: Facebook)

He honed his skills over the years through hundreds of hours of training.

Dogs with cats.
Tillman with friends. (Photo: Facebook)

Tillman later took up surfing as well. “Tillman got into surfing, because I surf and my son surfs. And Tillman hates being left out of any activities! Now, I can’t keep him off surfboards.”

Tillman on the waves. (Photo: Facebook)
Tillman on the waves. (Photo: Facebook)

On Facebook, owner Ron wrote, “The word lost a true legend. We shared so many memories together, and no words can truly describe how much he will be missed.”

“He made millions of people smile around the world.”

Tillman meets Shaun White.
Tillman meets Shaun White. (Photo: Facebook)

“Thanks for all the good times, Tilly.”

Skateboarding dog.
The video that started it all.

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