Trisha Paytas Breaks down in Tears over ‘Cyber Bullying’ from Gurugossiper

Trisha Paytas in tears over internet bullies. (Photo: YouTube)

Professional internet troll Trisha Paytas has taken a stand against internet trolling.

Trisha is famous for “troll videos” where she defends Hitler, claims being gay is a choice, and claims dogs have no brains.

She confirms in a video that she no longer feels good about making such videos, and swears off making them in the future.

Trisha Thinks Internet Trolls Are Miserable, Cowardly Scum That Drive People to Suicide

“Internet trolls are anonymous scum. Creeps who drop all this information to torment their target. Just miserable people. You must be miserable to torment people relentlessly. Cowards,” she says.

“If you guys are getting cyber-bullied, I couldn’t imagine that. I’m so sorry for that.”

Trisha then tries to differentiate the type of trolling she does, from the hate she gets.

“I am not anonymous. I am not relentless. I don’t dig out information people don’t put out themselves, and try to destroy a person’s life and ruin their life.”

She mentions Amanda Todd. “People’s lives can be saved. It just makes me really sad. This is something that can be avoided. Innocent young girls that are not hurting anyone.” She starts tearing up.

Trisha is crying.
Trisha Paytas is shaken. (Photo: YouTube)

“Websites should be shut down, like those that are posting cruel stuff about people – like The Dirty, and Gurugossiper. Some of those sites take things way too far. Getting people’s personal information, getting photos they don’t put out themselves to incriminate them. Emailing employers, just being vicious. Just making pictures and mocking people.”

“I don’t understand trying to bring someone down. Trying to dedicate so much of your life to it.”

“The hate online gets to me sometimes. And I’m strong, and I put myself out there. I’m 26, and I can’t imagine being 14 and getting this amount of hate. It hurts my heart.”

Trisha on How People Bully Her with Dwarfism & Down’s Syndrome

“There was one person that made two accounts. Every tweet was to me, and to people I was tweeting, saying I was a dwarf, calling me a whale. A lot of people like to make fun of me because I have “dwarf” features, or look like I have Down’s syndrome. I don’t know why it is an insult. It makes me feel bad for them, as if dwarfism or being born with Down’s is something that should be made fun of.”

“This past month in particular, it’s been really getting to me. People have been calling me fat for so long. Fat, dwarf, Down’s. They even attack my family. They’ve been saying it for so long. And then you read it, it gets you on a downward spiral. Not going to lie, it’s made me really depressed.”

“Because of it, I’ve kind of let myself go.”

“I remember getting called fat when I was young by classmates, and it just hurt so bad. I would cry at night. Why me?”

Fans React to Trisha’s New Anti-Bullying Stance

As expected, her video elicited very strong reactions.

On one hand, there were people that ironically responded to an anti-bullying video with bullying and victim-blaming.

Many claimed that there’s no such thing as cyber bullying, and that bullies only target those “who bring it upon themselves” – usually with anonymous avatars.

More bullying.

On the other hand, many fans were not amused by Trisha’s attempts at becoming a victim. They used evidence to back up their views as to why Trisha is the bully.

You are the bully.

However, Trisha had many supporters. The video brought people to share their personal bullying stories and express dismay at the nasty comments leveled at her.

Personal bullying story.
So many rude comments.
Gay bashing?
Get compassion.

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