Trisha Paytas Is Upset Because She Can’t Say the N-Word or Anti-Gay Slurs: “You’re All Oversensitive”

Trisha Paytas feels she is being discriminated against. (Photo: YouTube)

“Call me racist. Call me homophobic. I’m going to call you oversensitive,” professional troll Trisha Paytas declared in her controversial new video.

Trisha, who is straight and white, believes she is being subjected to “reverse racism”. “If you’re this straight, white human, you’re the enemy. Our society has become so sensitive. SO sensitive.”

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As a White Woman, Trisha Paytas Feels Discriminated Against Because She Can’t Say the N-Word

Trisha defiantly rapped the n-word multiple times in the video.

Trisha, Drew and Shane.
Trisha with best friends Shane Dawson and Drew Monson.

“If a word is in a song lyric or in a script, why can’t I say that? I have to stop because I’m white? I can’t sing songs because I’m white?”

“That feels racist to me that white people can’t sing that song.”

Trisha Paytas dons red lipstick.
Trisha Paytas with red lipstick. (Photo: Instagram)

“Because I’m straight and I’m white, I’m not allowed to have an opinion on anything that has to do with race or issues or sensitivity? Or offensiveness? WHAT?”

“I’m sorry, but does that not seem white-racist?”

Trisha Paytas Asks Why Black & Gay People Can Say Their Respective Slurs, but She Can’t

“A lot of my black friends call each other the n-word. It’s a complete double standard.”

“Willam, who is a drag queen and gay, calls people ‘f**’ all the time!”

“If I were to say it in my everyday life – if other people are allowed, I should be allowed.”

“Why can’t I say it if it’s not meant to offend? Then how is it offensive?”

She also mentioned how she thought she was born black like Rachel Dolezal. “I went through a phase where I was only hanging around black people because I thought I was born the wrong race. I literally thought I was supposed to be black. I liked the culture, I liked the men.”

Trisha Paytas' body.
Trisha Paytas is proud of her body. (Photo: Instagram)

“My body is definitely built more of the African-American stature. It just is. It just is. With the hips. It’s just not your typical Caucasian body.”

“Black guys like me, I like the culture. I like the rapping.”

“I would throw the word around like it was nothing.”

Trisha Paytas on Instagram.
Trisha Paytas smiling on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

“It’s confusing for me. Words like ‘f**’, ‘h***’, ‘s***’ – those are words that are only derogatory if used in that way. ‘F**’ is an adjective. ‘Black’ is an adjective. Am I wrong?”

“I’m not going to censor myself. I don’t think that’s right. If you can say it, I can say it.”

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