Trisha Paytas Is Not a Fan of Superwoman: Ugh, Don’t Want Her!

Trisha Paytas is not a fan of Superwoman. (Photo: YouTube / Twitter)

Trisha Paytas has gotten herself into a brand new feud with yet another big YouTube star. Remember when she started a (one-sided) fight with Joey Graceffa?

Well, this time, her beef is with Lilly Singh, better known as Superwoman.

Shane Dawson Asks Lilly If She Knows Trisha Paytas – She Doesn’t

It started when when Shane Dawson mentioned the name “Trisha Paytas” in a vlog with friend Lilly Singh. He only mentioned her name because he noticed Lilly used a fisheye camera that was similar to Trisha’s.

“You have one of these cameras?” Shane asks.

Shane Dawson, who appears to be unhealthily obsessed with Trisha Paytas, immediately drops her name.

“You got a Trisha Paytas camera,” he says.

“A who? What?” Lilly responds, bewildered. (Yes, this is what Trisha considers a snub.)

Shane Dawson gasps. “Don’t you even! No, it’s a YouTuber. She has this camera like this, and I make fun of her all the time, because it makes everybody have a huge head.”

Trisha Paytas Is Offended That Lilly Doesn’t Know Who She Is

In a later video with Shane, Trisha kicks off a racist conversation regarding Indians. After a few offensive back-and-forth remarks, Trisha backtracks.

“No, we love the Indians. We’re just saying there’s not many Indian YouTubers,” she says.

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“Superwoman!” Shane replies.

“Ugh. Don’t want her,” Trisha reacts.

“You’re just saying that because she didn’t know who you were,” Shane explains.

Trisha laughs, clearly a little embarrassed.

Trisha says, “I only watched her, because Shane was in [the video] and people said they talked about me.”

She then explains that she was excited to watch the video, to hear what they had to say. But Trisha was NOT impressed with how Lilly reacted to the mention of her name.

Would you be offended if someone didn’t know who you were? Comment below.

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