Here’s Everything We Know about Troye Sivan’s ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ so Far

Troye Sivan spilled about his new album.

Everyone has already heard that Troye Sivan will be releasing his new album Blue Neighbourhood very soon – so here’s everything we know so far.

What’s the difference between the Standard and Deluxe editions? Is Troye secretly trying to advance The Gay Agenda™? Read on to find out.

Who Illustrated Blue Neighbourhood’s Album Cover?

Fans were begging to know who illustrated his stunning album covers for the Standard and Deluxe editions.

Troye Sivan's Blue Neighbourhood.
Troye Sivan’s Standard and Deluxe versions. (Photo: Twitter)

One fan asked, “WHO is the artist? I want to hug them for being so talented!”

Troye replied, “It’s Hsiao-Ron Cheng! The same artist who did Wild.”

Hsiao Ron Cheng.
Hsiao Ron Cheng. (Photo: Twitter)

When Is Blue Neighbourhood Coming out & When Do Pre-Orders Start?

“And um, can I say when it comes out? Okay, so it comes out December 4! Pre-order at October 15,” Troye confirmed.

Troye Sivan gets interviewed. (Photo: YouTube)
Troye Sivan gets interviewed. (Photo: YouTube)

What’s the Difference Between the Standard & Deluxe Versions?

Firstly, the Standard version will have the “light” cover illustration, and the Deluxe will have the “dark” one.


“It is 10 songs on the Standard. 16 on the Deluxe. That deserves an explosion, I think. 16 songs is a lot of songs. It was HARD!” Troye revealed.

“Some of them are from Wild, some of them are new. And so, on the Standard, there’s a couple of songs from Wild. On the Deluxe, all of the songs from Wild are there. You know, it’s just supposed to tell a very clear sonic story of who I am.”

The official track listings have now been confirmed.

The Standard will include Wild, Fools, Ease, Talk Me Down, Cool, Heaven, Youth, Lost Boy, For Him and Suburbia.

The Deluxe will include all the songs above, as well as DKLA, The Quiet, Bite, Too Good, Blue and Wild (XXYYXX Remix).

Troye Sivan's fashion.
Troye Sivan found a yellow wall. (Photo: Instagram)

“Everything that I have been doing over the last couple of years has been building up to this moment.”

“But I mean, what’s cool is that Wild, the body of work with 6 songs, was an introduction to this! For me, the goal when writing, is to keep things interesting and to keep things fresh.”

Why Did Troye Title His Album Blue Neighbourhood?

“I mean, it was a lyric from Wild. Leave this Blue Neighbourhood.”

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“Basically, I come from Perth, which is a moderately sized city of 2 million people. From within that, I come from a really small Jewish community. I feel like I have had this really sheltered, perfect suburban upbringing.”

“And so, all of these stories that I have written come from that place. And take place in that context of this Blue Neighbourhood. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“It’s the mundaneness of it, but it’s where your truth is. That’s where it all happened for me, so it only felt natural to call the music video trilogy and the album that.”

Where Can I Listen to Talk Me Down?

Troye also premiered his upcoming song Talk Me Down. Since UMG is taking it down everywhere, here is a snippet instead.

“Along with the music I have been releasing, there’s been this trilogy of music videos. And two of the videos have been out. One was for a song called Wild, one was for a song called Fools.”

“And there’s one overarching narrative across all three. And Talk Me Down is the final song and final video in the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy.”

Is Troye Sivan Trying to Advance The Gay Agenda™ ?

“I am not trying to anger people. Or make some huge statement. It’s just me. That’s who I am.”

“Before I was even born, people have been working to get things to the point where I can have a guy in my music video.”

“Like it would be odd for me to have a girl in my music video. You know what I mean? So that’s obviously what I am going to do. So um, it’s just about being honest and truthful.”

Connor, Troye and Miranda.
Connor, Troye and Miranda. (Photo: Instagram)

“Like I said, the songs are about boys. I’m going to have a boy in my music video.”

“I think people are connecting to the fact that it is just real. Obviously, there’s some people that have a problem with it. But that’s fine.”

Will Troye Sivan Be Going on a World Tour?

Troye Sivan confirmed that he will be touring worldwide, but did not give exact specifics or dates. Here are some of the confirmed dates!

“Eventually, yeah. By this year, it will be a world tour.”

Troye Sivan.
Troye Sivan squints. (Photo: Instagram)

“I am so nervous. I really, really am. I sung a lot live when I was younger, but it was all like, I was a boy soprano. So I did corporate events. It’s such a different ballgame now. It’s like my audience. And my live show. And my band.”

“Rehearsal is going really well. I’m comfortable in the rehearsal room. I have no idea what to expect.”

What Happens If All the Tour Tickets Are Sold Out?

Fans recently panicked after U.S. tickets were sold out in record time.

Troye said, “So basically, the tickets sold out really quickly. But we still want to make sure everybody has a fair go.”

Troye Sivan gets kissed by a girl.
Troye Sivan getting kissed. (Photo: Instagram)

“In each city I am going to hide tickets somewhere. Physical. Take a little photo of it. And post it up. And go.”

He said he was going to reveal details later. “I don’t know when I am going to do it. I want to set up a GoPro or something like that. And watch who comes and gets it. It’s going to be on all my socials and stuff. Stay tuned.”

How Did Troye Really React When Taylor Swift Tweeted About Him?

“Sam Smith showed a lot of love to the whole EP. Taylor Swift did as well.”

Troye and Olly.
Troye Sivan with celebrity friends. (Photo: Instagram)

“I was tipsy, walking home. I don’t know why Taylor Swift was awake. I was outside.”

He said his phone literally heated up. “I put my phone on the ground, because I felt it was overheating and s***. My Twitter was freezing and stuff. I placed it on the ground and took a check to see if it was real.”

How Does Troye Measure Success?

“Success is just being able to do what you want.”

“Not necessarily being told by anyone what to do. And so, for me, success is making what I think is good music. It’s kind of selfish, but I make music for myself.”

Troye Sivan and Betty Who.
Troye Sivan and Betty Who. (Photo: Instagram)

“I make music that I want to listen to. If I don’t listen to a demo after we’ve made it, then it never makes it out there.”

“So if I catch myself listening to the music, then that is success to me.”

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