Fans React to Troye Sivan’s ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ Trilogy Trailer

Troye Sivan and Matthew Eriksson get it on. (Photo: Instagram)

Troye Sivan sent his fans #Wild (sorry) with a dramatic promotional trailer, featuring Matthew Eriksson, for his latest album / EP WILD.

Fans have been expecting the video ever since the casting call was leaked.

The trailer introduced Blue Neighbourhood, a trilogy of music videos that will accompany WILD. “The whote project has been a dream come true,” he wrote on YouTube. “Love is love, yo!”

You can order WILD at this link.

Update: Troye Releases the Official Video for Fools

Here’s the full video for Fools (Part 2 of 3 in the trilogy). Click here to see how fans reacted to it!

Troye Sivan Posts a Romantic Teaser Trailer

In the video, Troye is friends with a boy while they are kids – and it appears that they eventually become boyfriends when they get older.

“We tell each other everything,” says the voiceover.


“He comes to my house most of the time.”


“He told me how to jump off the jetty.”


“He’s my best friend.”


The trailer ends with a fight-filled cliffhanger, and a call-to-action to pre-order.


If you want, you can reblog the GIFs from our Tumblr.

Fans & YouTubers React

Ricky Dillon, Connor Franta, Lohanthony and Louise Pentland were very excited and tweeted pre-order links. “Oh my god! Oh wow!”


On the video, many fans immediately started speculating on the trilogy’s plot. One fan had a depressing take.


Many fans were confused about the voiceover moment at 0:23. “He told me how to jack off?” one confused fan wrote.

It was actually “he told me how to jump off the jetty”, in an Australian accent.


Fans started to imagine fanfic possibilites. “Imagine if Kian Lawley was the other boy.”


There were also a ton of comments comparing Troye’s love interest to Connor Franta. “Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Connor?”


Troye Sivan Thanks Fans for Their Support

The album / EP catapulted to the top of the charts, and Troye was overwhelmed.


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