Did Troye Sivan Get Hotter with His New Nose Piercing?

Troye Sivan is going edgy. (Photo: YouTube)

You have probably already heard about the new object Troye Sivan introduced to his face.

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Troye Announces His Nose Ring Dreams

A while ago, Troye announced that he punctured his face. “I dun punctured my face!” he said.

Unlike Caspar Lee, Troye was allowed to keep his new face hole.


Sage Mellet was there when it happened. “Baby got a nose ring!” she captioned on Snapchat.

Troye Sivan.
Troye Sivan flaunts his new stud. (Photo: Snapchat)

Of course, it’s not a nose ring just yet. On Twitter, Troye mentioned that he originally had no idea what the process actually was.

He didn’t expect to have to wear the same stud he was pierced with. “You gotta keep the stud for weeks.”

Troye Sivan.
Troye Sivan’s new nose piercing. (Photo: Snapchat)

He was surprised to learn that they used the wire to make the hole, then screwed on the stud.

Troye Sivan.
Troye Sivan hangs out against a wall. (Photo: Snapchat)

Some fans remembered the time Troye got a fake lip piercing, and urged him to make more holes in his face.

Troye Sivan's lip piercing ring.
Remember when Troye Sivan had a fake lip ring? (Photo: Twitter)

“Omg, get a lip piercing for real!” one fan wrote.

Others even urged him to get tattoos. “TROYE! Get a sleeve.”

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