Vegan Freelee Attacks ‘Hypocritical’ Gigi Gorgeous for Eating Cows, but Not Puppies

Freelee's not a fan of Gigi Gorgeous' food habit. (Photo: YouTube)

Freelee wonders why a huge puppy-lover like Gigi is willing to eat beef – but not eat her own dogs.

In a video titled, “Gigi Gorgeous DIET FAIL”, famous YouTube vegan Freelee the Banana Girl has taken aim at Gigi Gorgeous’ meat-loving ways.

It Started When Gigi Announced That She Loved Meat

It all began when Gigi Gorgeous made a meal preparation video with her boyfriend.

“Look how much meat we got – it’s ridiculous,” Gigi says. “A lot of cows had to die for this. Sorry vegetarians.”

Gigi Gorgeous eating meat.
Gigi Gorgeous bought a lot of beef. (Photo: YouTube)

“Let me just say, I’m sorry for everyone out there that’s vegetarian, and this is gross to them. But my preference is meat. And I love eating meat.”

Outraged Freelee Responds to Gigi: Why Are You Eating Animals?

“She said some things in it that I found very disappointing,” Freelee says.

“Oh, come on, Gigi, you are the biggest animal lover around, so why are you EATING animals if you love them?”

Freelee the Banana Girl
Freelee the Banana Girl rants at Gigi. (Photo: YouTube)

Freelee then plays a clip from Gigi’s video where she is unpacking the meat.

“If you love animals, then why are you cutting them up and putting them in your mouth?”

Freelee Accuses Gigi of Hypocrisy: What’s the Difference between a Cow and a Dog?

Freelee then plays a selection of clips where Gigi can be seen gushing over her puppies.

“What’s the difference between a cow and a dog?” Freelee asks. She’s very confused why Gigi loves her puppies so much, but still eats meat.

“If you had to kill your own animal…Gigi, I want you to imagine KILLING every one of your meals. You say you LOVE meat, do you really?”

Gigi Gorgeous with puppy!
Why won’t Gigi eat her puppies? (Photo: Instagram)

“Dirty, bloody, disgusting, soul-destroying work,” Freelee continues.

“You wouldn’t eat your friends, would you? Who eats their friends? Do not eat your friends, or you do not love them! It’s very hypocritical.”

Are you Team Freelee or Team Gigi? Or Team Puppies?

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