Chance Sutton Cheated on Tessa Brooks as Hacked DMs Leak Online

Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks recently broke up - was cheating the reason? (Photo: Instagram)

Chance Sutton‘s accounts (Twitter, Snapchat etc.) were hacked, and his secret DMs, very private, intimate pics and some video were leaked online.

Fans then blasted him for allegedly “cheating” on his now ex-girlfriend Tessa Brooks, which might have possibly resulted in their breakup around a week ago. They initially claimed that it was a friendly, mutual decision.

Chance also had the opportunity to deny the cheating claims in a live stream, but didn’t! Is it all true, then?

Chance and Tessa Brooks.
Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks standing strong before their breakup. (Photo: Instagram)

Tessa Brooks Recently Broke up With (Ex) Boyfriend Chance Sutton

Around a week ago, Tessa Brooks took to YouTube to reveal that #Chessa was finally over. She claimed then that the breakup was a mutual decision to “save their friendship”.

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“I spend like 80 percent of my life and time with him,” she said. “I live with him.” Due to this, she told fans that she did not want their current relationship to deteriorate. “I have seen others end badly.”

Chance Sutton shirtless.
Chance Sutton strips off in some bright blue overalls. (Photo: Instagram)

“We will be vlogging together, we will still be friends,” she said.

But was there another secret reason to the breakup?

Hacker Leaks Chance Sutton’s Private Messages, Videos & Photos on Twitter & Snapchat

Recently, a hacker targeted both Chance and Tessa’s social media accounts. Although Tessa’s hacking yielded nothing, the hacker had a goldmine of content to spill from Chance’s accounts.

They accused Chance of “cheating on Tessa” as they posted messages from Chance to another girl. It is unclear if the dates were edited to create drama, since hackers love creating a storm.

Chance cheating with Nicolette.
Chance trades sexy pics with Nicolette and still cares for her. (Photo: Twitter)

In one series of messages, Chance can be apologizing to Nicolette for “messing up”, along with a sexy photo. “I am happy you reply to me still,” he wrote. “I still care about you,” he concluded.

Chikri also released a video (taken a week ago) of Chance getting a very exciting grinding dance from two girls.

Chance Sutton grinding.
Two sexy girls grind their assets on Chance Sutton’s nether regions. (Photo: Twitter)

DMs to FaZe Banks were also leaked, and Banks can be seen talking about Chance’s “new chick Mallory”. “It is all good,” he wrote. “I would cheat on Tessa too!”

Chance, FaZe Banks & Mallory.
FaZe Banks was also dragged into the hacking, as well as ‘new girl’ Mallory. (Photo: Instagram)

That’s not all. The hacker even released some intimate photos of Chance’s you-know-what, and made fun of him for being “small” in that area.

Chance is Unbothered by Claims He Cheated on (Ex) Girlfriend Tessa

Immediately after the attack, Chance went on Instagram Live to clear the air. However, fans got a different reaction than expected.

Instead of denying the claims that he cheated on Tessa with who-knows-how-many-women, Chance ONLY cared about being accused of having a “small” one.

Chance gives his (ex) girlfriend Tessa a twirl. (Photo: Instagram)

He hit back at the leaked d*** pics and accused them of being fake. Not once did he mention that anything else was faked, or that he did not cheat on Tessa.

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