Cameron Dallas Reveals Why He Hid Secret Girlfriend Rachel Bentley from Fans (Throwback)

Cameron Dallas serves up steamy eyes with a shirtless shower shot.

Cameron Dallas was on Twitter when he was spotted tweeting his rumored ex-girlfriend Rachel Bentley.

Back in 2014, the rumored couple were seen holding hands as fans secretly took photos of them minding their own business.

That’s not all. For a later April Fools’ day, Cameron released a bunch of photos he had stored on his hard drive. They included black-and-white pics and romantic scenes of him kissing Rachel by the beach and balcony. Click the link below for a refresher.

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Cameron Dallas strips and shows off his shirtless body for the ‘Boys’ music video. (Photo: Instagram)

Cameron Dallas Reponds to His Old Flame on Twitter

Cameron was seen replying to one of Rachel’s tweets on Twitter. She wrote that she was “very picky” when it came to guys. For Cameron, it seemed like she was “the one that got away”.

Cameron Dallas kissing Rachel Bentley.
The mysterious photo that sent fans crazy. (Photo: Instagram)

He replied with a knowing string of gibberish, as he was likely disappointed that they didn’t work out. Did she reject him?

Cameron Dallas tweets Rachel.

He claimed that the pair were never actually official, despite the fact that they clearly were very close. This was the real reason why he “hid Rachel from fans”.

Cameron says it was not official.

He said he didn’t intentionally try to deceive his fans, but was simply bowing to Rachel’s wishes.

Cameron tweets he wasn't hiding Rachel.

We hope he finds love soon!

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