Zoella BLOCKS Freelee after She’s Criticized for Not Being Vegan

Freelee versus Zoella. (Photo: Twitter)

Zoella has finally had enough of Freelee the Banana Girl, and blocked her on social media.

Freelee recently released a video titled “Is ZOELLA a Hypocrite?”

As a result of the video, Zoe’s Instagram comments were bombarded with Freelee fans and vegans telling her to go vegan.

Freelee Makes a Video Criticizing Zoella for Not Being Vegan

Freelee announced that her video was the beginning of a multi-part Zoella series. “I am going to make a couple of Zoella videos, because I have got a lot to say.”

Freelee regularly calls out celebrities and YouTubers for not being vegan. “Can you believe it? This is the first Zoella video and I have DELIVERED.”

Freelee criticized Zoe for eating meat, despite being in love with her dog Nala. “Zoella obviously loves her dog companion Nala. She is all goo goo ga ga. She is like a mother with a baby.”

Zoella's pug.
Zoella cuddles a pug. (Photo: Instagram)

“Zoella loves Nala so much and she treats her so well but then she will go and eat other animals that are equally as smart, equally as beautiful. Equally as special as Nala. Therefore, supporting an industry that causes the pain and suffering to other beautiful animals who are no different from Nala.”

Freelee shows off her body on Instagram.
Freelee shows off her body on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

“Now we cut to these piglets and look at how much fun they’re having. How are they any different than Nala? But then this is what we do to them. We exploit them. We abuse them. We slice these beautiful, intelligent animals up and we call them food.”

Zoella Blocks Freelee on Social Media

“She blocked me from her Instagram, and from her Twitter,” Freelee announced.

Blocked from Twitter.
Blocked from Twitter.

She also claimed that Zoe was censoring her YouTube comments with a keyword blacklist.

“And I think it’s pretty obvious that she like spam [filters] the word ‘vegan’ from her channel because there’s no comments about the video or anything. But when you went to her Instagram where she blocked me, there’s like hundreds of comments from vegans encouraging her to go vegan and to watch my video.”

Blocked from Instagram.
Blocked from Instagram.

“Zoe actually went through and deleted EVERY single comment. Hundreds of comments. Which I found very defensive behavior. The video wasn’t at all hateful.”

“It’s a typical response from those who feel guilty.”

Freelee Mistakenly Credits Herself for Zoella’s Panic Attack

Freelee then claimed credit for Zoe having a panic attack during a waxwork reveal vlog. “It seems it may have even gone as far as Zoe having a panic attack about my video. If it was a coincidence, it was a huge coincidence.”

Zoella’s panic attack was actually unrelated to Freelee’s video, since it was from the day prior.

Zoella poses on Instagram.
Zoella poses on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

“Am I trying to give Zoe a panic attack? No.”

Freelee Praises Niomi Smart, Jenna Marbles & Joey Graceffa for Being Freelee Fans

She praised her YouTuber fans like Niomi, Jenna and Joey.

“It’s actually very surprising that Zoe isn’t vegan, because her best friend Niomi Smart is vegan, and she has been for a while.”

Vegan Niomi Smart with Marcus Butler.
Vegan Niomi Smart with Marcus Butler. (Photo: Instagram)

She said Niomi Smart was inspired by her, and played a clip of Niomi praising her. “And she’s actually inspired by MY videos to go vegan.”

In the clip, Niomi said, “Freelee the Banana Girl, I found her on YouTube the other day, and I spent like three hours just watching videos. It’s just so inspiring.”

She praised Jenna Marbles, who recently went vegan.

Freelee praised Jenna Marbles.
Freelee praised Jenna Marbles.

She praised Joey Graceffa.

Freelee says Joey Graceffa is a fan of her.
Freelee says Joey Graceffa is a fan of her.

“He openly supports me, which is totally awesome. Kudos to Jenna Marbles and Joey.”

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