Ethan Dolan Secretly Dated Girlfriend Meredith Mickelson for MONTHS!

Steven Kelly has exposed Ethan Dolan and Meredith Mickelson. (Photo: Instagram)

Did model Steven Kelly, who was once punched in the face on the street, just expose Ethan Dolan and Meredith Mickelson’s romance on Twitter?

Update: OMG! Kian Lawley is now dating Ethan’s ex-girlfriend Meredith!

Although neither of them have ever confirmed anything, fans of the Dolan Twins are probably very familiar with model Meredith.

However, fans also believe they might have already broken up a few months ago. Read on to see why.

Meredith Mickelson.

Model Meredith Mickelson poses for Bryant. (Photo: Instagram)

Steven Kelly Confirms Meredith & Ethan Were “Together”

Steven Kelly was just on Twitter when he decided to reply to some Dolan Twins fans. Ethan and Meredith were tagged. He wrote, “Just like he did not tell you guys they were together for months!”


It is unclear why Steven, who appears to be friendly with both Meredith and Ethan, revealed that.

Steven Kelly and Meredith Mickelson.

Steven Kelly hanging out with Meredith Mickelson. (Photo: Instagram)

Why Do Fans Think Meredith & Ethan Were Supposedly a Secret Couple?

Despite never revealing their relationship, Ethan and Meredith unintentionally dropped many hints.

For example, they would sometimes pull a Joey Graceffa and post social media posts at the same romantic locations, but never show each other. Here’s one example of them on a date. “Went on a date night!” Meredith tweeted.

Meredith and Ethan on date.

Meredith and Ethan went on a cute sushi date. (Photo: Instagram / Twitter)

The duo didn’t like to take photos together showing their faces. Here’s Ethan grabbing Meredith’s face on the right. On that particular day, another photo revealed that he was wearing the blue vest top.

Ethan holding Meredith's face.

Ethan caressed Meredith’s face, but didn’t show his own. (Photo: Instagram)

Meredith often hung out with both Grayson and Ethan. You can see the top of her bun at the very back of this woman’s selfie.

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Dolan Twins with Meredith.

Meredith sitting with the Dolan Twins (in the back). (Photo: Twitter)

Some fans thought they wore matching gold couple rings. However, these are actually different brands and designs.

Ethan and his girlfriend's couple rings.

The twin and the model wore similar gold rings. (Photo: Instagram)

They did appear to enjoy sharing fashion tips with each other!

Ethan Dolan's bandana.

Rubbing off on each other? Ethan and Meredith wore bandanas. (Photo: Instagram)

Fans Think Ethan & Meredith Probably Broke Up a While Ago

In around April this year, Meredith kept posting mysterious tweets.

One time, she begged fans to stop assuming she was dating “that kid”. “I want everything drama-free.”


“I’m single,” she also tweeted. “Move on, babes.”


Both Ethan and Meredith were also a little sad and contemplative on social media at around the same time.



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