Jack Johnson Apologizes for His Shocking Racist Tweets

Jack Johnson is apologetic about his Twitter past. (Photo: Instagram)

Jack Johnson has officially “taken full responsibility” for his old racist tweets in a video he filmed on a throwaway YouTube channel.

If you want to see what he’s apologizing for, you can click here to see some of his old racist tweets from a few years back.

Most of the tweets involved black women. For example, he once said, “Don’t black people only shower once a week? Black females are the scariest demographic. Black girls petrify me.”

Recently, rumors swirled that Jack and Jack were kicked off Fifth Harmony’s tour because of the tweets and the campaigning from Harmonizers.

Jack Johnson the Viner.

Jack Johnson works the stage. (Photo: Instagram)

Jack Johnson Makes a Heartfelt Plea & Says Sorry to Anybody He Has Hurt

“So, there is something that I really need to get off my chest and address once and for all. It really has just been lingering. I just need to talk about it and speak to you guys directly,” Jack said.

“I have always been the biggest advocate in the world for letting actions speak for themselves. I thought it would be very obvious by now based on how I treat others. And how I conduct myself towards others and treat other people in society.”

“I have no prejudices within me. I do not have a single racist bone in my body. I am still being labelled as something that I am not due to these screenshots from when I was a sophomore in high school. Back when I was fifteen.”

“I could sit here and have a publicist draft up a long apology that is perfect word-for-word. I know this apology is not going to be perfect. But at least it is genuine and is coming from my heart.”

Jack Johnson.

Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky perform. (Photo: Instagram)

“Back when I was fifteen, I didn’t really think. I was very naive and impulsive. I definitely made my fair share of mistakes growing up. Now everything is a lot more analyzed.”

“When the tweets were first uncovered in 2014, my initial reaction was bafflement. I was confused as to how these words came out of my mouth. From my brain. I know all my supporters. I don’t see color. I would not judge somebody based on the color of my skin.”

“I see people for who they are and not what they are. I want to say that I take full responsibility and man up.” He said that he was not going to be using the “my friend hacked me” excuse.

“I am sorry. I am deeply apologetic to anybody these tweets may have offended. And to anybody these tweets might have hurt.”

“I need the world to know that those words are not who I am as a human. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. That was not me. Never was me. That will never happen again. I advocate for equality for everybody. Think before you speak.”

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