The Sales Projections for Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood Are In! (Updated)

Troye Sivan at the Elvis Duran morning show. (Photo: Getty)

Troye Sivan has finally released his first full-length album Blue Neighbourhood this week.

The initial U.S. sales predictions for his latest musical effort are finally in!

Troye Sivan!

Troye Sivan makes a face in a flower crown. (Photo: Twitter)

How Is Troye’s New Album Predicted to Do This Week?

According to HDD, Troye is projected to move around 57-62k copies in pure album sales for his debut week – or 63-68k if you include streaming.

These numbers place him under Adele, Coldplay, Pentatonix, G-Eazy and Justin Bieber this week.

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These projected numbers are almost identical to the final sales tally of his EP. WILD debuted at #5 on Billboard by selling 45k in album sales, or 50k with streaming included.

Troye Sivan in blonde hair.

Troye Sivan in black-and-white. (Photo: Instagram)

Troye’s previous EP TRXYE moved 30k copies, and debuted at #5 on Billboard.

His fellow internet celebrity Shawn Mendes also followed a similar release route. Earlier this year, Shawn Mendes’ debut album Handwritten hit #1 on the Billboard 200, and sold 106k in pure sales, or 119k with streaming. He doubled the sales of his self-titled debut EP, which originally sold 48k.

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