Carter Reynolds Reacts to His Fading Fanbase: “I’m a FLOP Now!”

Carter Reynolds sitting in a car. (Photo: Instagram)

It’s no secret that Carter Reynolds’ popularity isn’t what it used to be.

After his whole sex video thing, Carter was alienated by businesses, and even his own friends.

Although Carter is still great friends with Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff and Aaron Carpenter, he still hasn’t been allowed into the new Magcon – probably for PR reasons.

Carter and Sammy.
Carter and Sammy. (Photo: Instagram)

Carter Reveals How it Feels To Be a ‘Flop’

Carter was on YouNow, and barely anyone was watching. He talked about his old popularity. “I remember on YouNow, I used to get hella viewers. I used to just like… YouNow used to be CRAZY for me. Just hella viewers.”

He admitted an uncomfortable truth. “But now, I’m s***. Now I’m a FLOP now. So, it’s just like, meh.”

He talked about how people make fun of him for being beaten in the popularity charts by YouNowers. “People are always like, oh wow! Carters not [trending] in first? Like, wow, this kid’s ahead of you?”

Carter Reynolds.
Carter Reynolds in white. (Photo: Instagram)

He revealed that he did not care. “I honestly don’t really give two s****. I don’t care who is ahead of me. I am just on just to be on and talk to you guys. I could care less about anything else.”

Carter said being unpopular was a good thing. “But nah, I don’t mind, honestly. I like having low viewers, sometimes I like talkin’ because it’s more personal when it’s less people. You guys know what I mean?”

“When there’s a lot of people, people comment and s***. And a lot of people get mad because I don’t see their comments or whatever.”

“I mean, it’s whatever. I don’t really care that much about the viewers.”

He read out some comments from haters. “My nickname is ‘Trash’… I’m a f******.”

Carter Compliments His Own Smell

Carter talked about his amazing odor. “Everyone always says… I can’t count how many people have said… that I smell GREAT!”

Carter Reynolds.
Carter Reynolds in black and white. (Photo: Instagram)

“So many people say that I smell good. I will take that. Thank you for complimenting me. I love when people give me compliments.”

“I guess I just take showers. I smell amazing. I appreciate that!”

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