Jack Johnson Calls ‘Snake’ Madison Beer a ‘Nasty Liar’

Jack Johnson defended Jack Gilinsky by accusing Madison Beer of this. (Photo: Instagram)

Despite Jack Gilinsky already apologizing and taking responsibility for his actions, his best friend Jack Johnson isn’t ready to let the Madison situation go just yet.

Update: Madison Beer has responded to Johnson’s claims!

Quick recap. Multiple secret audio leaks emerged of Jack Gilinsky verbally abusing and berating his then-girlfriend Madison Beer and making her cry. A claim was also put out by the @HackedMadison account that Gilinsky was also allegedly physically abusive to Madison, which pushed her into self-harm.

Jack Gilinsky & Jack Johnson shirtless.
Bros Jack Gilinsky & Jack Johnson strip shirtless for a photo. (Photo: Instagram)

Jack Gilinsky apologized, and Madison Beer also released a statement. That was supposed to be the end of it. However, Jack Johnson just released a YouTube video accusing Madison of coordinating the leaks of the secret tapes herself in a bid to “take down Gilinsky”.

It is important to note that Johnson did not, however, dispute a single one of the accusations – just the method.

Jack Johnson Teases That He Will “Expose” A “Snake”

When the leaks initially got out, Jack Johnson very quickly responded by tweeting this (then deleting it). He said he wanted to “go off”.

Jack tweeted and deleted this directly after the leaks happened.

Recently, he made another stealth tweet and revealed that he was going to “expose a snake”.

Jack recently tweeted-and-deleted this.

Jack Johnson Releases a YouTube Video & Accuses Madison of Leaking the Tapes Herself

Jack Johnson then went on YouTube to post a video on a dummy account. The last time he did this was to clear the air after his disturbing racist tweets resurfaced.

“I have been in a lot of fights. And it is never one-sided. I tried to hit up Madison when the leaks got leaked and then I accused her of leaking it. Madison denied it,” Jack said in the video below.

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“She told me that she did not want it out, and that it was hard for her as people were calling her names,” Johnson continued.

After discussing the leaks with Johnson, Gilinsky then decided to release his apology note. “He kind of got screwed with the leaked clip. It made him seem like a crappy person. He made Madison look like a fantastic person. Amazing. She won the internet at that point.” The original apology is below.

Gilinsky's apology.
This was the apology Jack Gilinsky posted. (Photo: Twitter)

However, when Madison released her statement, Jack Johnson said he was infuriated. “She did not have to post that b******* thing she did yesterday. She lied to the world. I have receipts I have to show you all. I was not going to let that slide! I don’t want the world to sit in the dark.”

“I will tell the truth!” he exclaimed, while explaining that he was going to be “speaking for Gilinsky”. “The relationship toxicity was completely mutual. And she was trying to act like a little angel. I will NOT let that fly. It’s not true.”

Jack Johnson & Jadison.
Third Wheel: Jack Johnson never liked being the straggler to Jadison.

He then accused Madison of “saying things to Gilinsky and people in general that would get her into trouble” if they got out. “She would be in trouble if we did that sketchy private recording blackmail s***.”

Jack Johnson Claims Madison Coordinated the Leaks With Fans, Shows Screenshots

Jack Johnson said he was contacted by some fans with more receipts. “I knew Madison was behind the @HackedMadison account already but nobody would believe me if I didn’t have proof. I would have been f***** since the internet was on her side.”

He then showed a screenshot sent by the fan allegedly of Madison messaging the fan to coordinate leaks. “You put it out YOURSELF! You love that it got out there.”

Despite his dislike of the distribution method, Jack never disputed any of the content or abuse accusations.

Jack Johnson showed off secret messages he got.

He showed yet another screenshot.

Did Madison plan out a statement to leak on @HackedMadison?

This was the note that ended up on the @HackedMadison account in that screenshot.

Madison Beer's message.
This is a closer look at the allegedly “coordinated” message that was released. (Photo: Instagram)

“I look at her so differently,” Johnson said.

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