OOPS! Jack Gilinsky Crashes Madison Beer’s Car

Oops! Jack Gilinsky will have to owe his girlfriend after what he's done. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Beer was probably fuming after her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky took her ride out to the streets with disastrous results.

Although the couple supposedly “broke up” a while ago, it appears that they have mended their relationship and are stronger than ever.

However, it looks like Jack will have some making up to do this time around!

Jack Gilinsky, Madison.
Awesome boyfriend Jack Gilinsky holds Madison’s shopping bags. (Photo: Instagram)

Uh Oh – Jack Gilinsky Gets Into an Accident

Jack Gilinsky was driving Madison’s Range Rover when he was involved in a (minor) car crash. He was not hurt (and nobody else was, either). However, Madison’s blue car did sustain some damage near the front.

Jack and Madison's car.
It was a mistake! Jack will no doubt be making it up with Madison soon. (Photo: Instagram)

Although Madison was spotted at the scene by paparazzi, she only arrived later and was not involved in driving the car.

Madison & Jack's car.
Luckily, everyone was fine. Madison & Jack talk while awaiting assistance. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Beer Confirms She Wasn’t Inside the Car

At first, fans did not know the extent of the damage or if there were any injuries. Others even thought Madison was driving.

Madison went on Instagram to correct the record. She said that she was not involved in the accident and only arrived to the scene after Jack called her about his crash. “He was driving my car alone.”

Madison Beer's comment.
I didn’t do it! Madison Beer makes sure her fans know she wasn’t involved.

“Thank god everyone is fine!” she assured.

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